Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The (e)merge wake effect

Kayleigh Bryant in The Examiner discusses the (e)merge art fair and has some very positive things to say about my artwork.

Read the article here.


Drew said...

Great promotional piece but I think it's irresponsible of her to report that "art is a good investment." It is not. The mantra of collecting art is buy what you like not what you "think" will be worth more years from now. Sure buying a Warhol or a Rauschenberg might be a good investment but to buy local art by artists who are not known outside the beltway is no investment at all. It's rolling the dice and the odds are that in 20 years you will have crapped out and will be lucky to get what you paid for it.

Nice publicity but the irresponsible jouralism leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Lenny said...

Concur... Always buy what you like... For 99.99999999% of artists on the planet, a purchase must be based on liking it, not as some sort of investment ....

Even for that tiny, tiny, tiny super blue chip artist minority of BIG name artists, art as an investment is risky.