Saturday, January 24, 2015


Everyone who knows me already knows that I consider Frank Warren's PostSecret as the most successful art project on the history of the planet... as a pedantic Virgo, my evidence is simple and straightforward: numbers of people involved, either individually as a submitter to the project, or en-mass, as the millions of people around the globe and on planet B612 who have seen the project (and continue to see it).

These days Warren travels all over the same globe (not to B612 yet) discussing and showcasing his spectacular project., but we can also hear him on the air... he has been invited by Andy to be on Business Matters on WPFW - this coming Monday morning at 9AM.

And tomorrow on Sunday, he’ll be talking about secrets on NPR’s TED Radio Hour at 11 AM on WAMU. The audio is live on the web already:

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