Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Davis Morton at Zenith Gallery

Where: Zenith Gallery - 1429 Iris Street, NW, Washington, DC 20012

Show Dates: April 3 - May 16, 2015
Meet the Artist Receptions: Friday, April 3, 4-8 pm & Saturday, April 4, 2-6 pm
Information: Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963,
Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday 12-6 pm, any other times, please call for appointment

Davis Morton - Losing Virginia
As a retired homicide detective and an artist who is world-traveled, the diversity of Davis Morton's life is reflected in his paintings. When he paints horses, there is always something in each painting of the horse that he owned for 30 years. His landscapes often include fields he rode across or islands where his kayak landed. His city scenes and night-life paintings may be reminiscent of Edward Hopper, but they come from streets that Davis knows. And at the heart of every portrait he paints there is a lifetime of making friends and reading people from every walk of life and many different cultures.

"...Although I still can't find an acceptable label or description for myself, I do have a good idea of what I want my work to be.  I have never tried to paint a "charming frozen moment."  I want (my work) to be like a living moment, with a past, a present and a future that moves on unresolved saying something indistinct.  Rather than trying to paint reality just the way it looks or painting my impression of it, I would like my paintings to say something of its essence.  I would like my work to haunt."    

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