Friday, December 04, 2015

ABMB Week: Friday Report

Morning starts with the December issue of the super glossy Brickell Magazine, which has done a people focus piece on me! See it here (scroll down a little).

Rainy day again.

Part of being at the big dance in Miami is the fact that Miami weather has a big impact on the fairs. Context is no exception  and this morning there was ample evidence of rain damage to some booths from last night's torrential rains.

At 11AM good crowds begin to pour in, and yesterday's good art "vibe" continues. As the day progresses we get multiple sales by Elissa Farrow-Savos, who once again (this is her second exposure to Miami) is getting extraordinary attention (and 100s of photo-taking events).

 A sale to a New York collector of Alma Selimovic's "Hammer Girl" soon follows - this is Alma's first exposure to Miami.

Hammer Girl by Alma Selimovic
Hammer Girl by Alma Selimovic

My own work hits a good stride and I sell my latest video work (Mother Nature Observing and Upside Down World Version Two), which goes to a member of the board for the Birmingham Art Museum as he rushes out to the airport - several drawings follow - including two heading to Puerto Rico and one to Boston.

The Bostonian piece is my latest work - completed just minutes before the van had to leave for Miami: How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnets to the Portuguese)

How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnets to the Portuguese)

Later on, my 2012 video piece on Frida Kahlo finally finds a home with a local collector; this piece has been traveling around in various University shows in the west coast.

Fellow DMV art dealer Maurine Littleton comes by and we chat for a while - she reveals a great secret to minimize feet pain during an art fair: switch shoes several times a day!

Cell phones beep all over the place... we're all getting a weather warning for tonight...

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