Thursday, January 07, 2016

Art Scam Alert!

Beware of this mutant, trying the old rip off scheme:
From: Kenneth Jackson (
Sent: Thu 1/07/16 5:53 AM
Hi there,
I'm an art lover/collector and I'm collecting a few pieces to design the living room and stairway in my new house.I came across your artworks and I find them captivating. I would love to have some of your pieces. Let me know the pieces you have available including their sizes,materials and prices so I can make an order. You can also send me some pictures.


Anonymous said...

I got one of these today too. Same email address and text. Any idea where it leads? As a struggling artist, these kinds of scams are especially exhausting. You think someone is interested, then you pop their email text into google and find it's a scam.

Paige Schiller Hirsch said...

Someone tried to scam me about a month ago. They only want to pay by check, then send you a check about 3x the price of the paintings and want you to send back the difference. Luckily I caught on but was really upset and disappointed that there are people out there targeting artists.

John Paone said...

I just rec'd this email yesterday morning at 5am... Was thrown off as well b/c it sounded super generic. I didn't give any personal information other than saying "hey feel free to call me at..." and gave them my cell. Should I just report the email address and leave it at that?


Lenny said...

I've already reported it to Outlook as a scam...