Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The curious case of 2015

2015 was somewhat of a brutal year in some aspects... I am told that it is called a "Saturn Return."

It started with my father dying unexpectedly after visiting the hospital in Florida for stitches and subsequently contracting MRSA. That same January my mother in law also died - also from contracting MRSA during a routine Bethesda hospital stay. In one month Anderson lost two of his grandparents.

All throughout that month I had a broken wing, and in February I went through rotator cuff surgery. The recovery was brutal, and as a result, I spent most of the first half of 2015 unable to do any artwork!

The gallery participated in several fairs in 2015. We did both the Spring and Fall versions of The Affordable Art Fair in New York. We also, for the first time, participated in the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston, Texas and SOFA Chicago. In December, as we've been doing for about a decade now, we went to the big dance and did Context Art Miami for the third year in a row.

In June I went to Miami to rescue my 94 year-old-mother from the harpies "taking care of her" and then placed her back in her own apartment, under the care of loving hands. I am happy to report that she's healthy and happy!

In September I tore the MCL in my left knee (the operation awaits to 2016), and in November I got more bad medical news - all awaiting resolution in 2016.

But things can always be worse... right?

The curiosity of 2015 is that because of all of the above, my artwork production was the lowest that it has been in the last three decades - by far the lowest in terms of number of works created.

And yet, 2015 saw the largest number of sales of my own work... ever! And it also recorded the most significant price jump ever! The basic law of supply and demand seems to have made a presence in 2015; that's ECON 101.

Only problem: I'd rather do a thousand new works of art a year than a dozen; that's ARTBRAIN 101.

In 2015 I also added a collector from that sketchy "Top Art Collectors of the World" list; I think I now have work in five or six of those collections.

The piece that he acquired (at the 2015 Context fair) was a rather large (for me anyway) drawing. It was 36x36 inches. The day that he bought it last December, was rainy, and I double wrapped it and had it ready to walk out the fair's door.

"Can I pick it up outside tomorrow morning?", he asked. "I don't want to take it out in this rainy weather."

The next morning, as pre-arranged, I got there a little early and he called me on my cell. "I'm just a few minutes away," he noted. I responded that I'd wait for him outside the fair tent.

Once outside, he called again. He reported that traffic was bad (duh!), but that he was just a block away. "I'm in the black Jaguar SUV," he advised.

A few minutes later he pulled over and I helped him load the work into his SUV. "I didn't know that Jaguar made an SUV," I noted.

"They don't," he answered.

Cough, cough...

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