Monday, May 23, 2016

Obama, Cuba and the curious case of the 53

Part of the deal made by our President with the racist Cuban dictator Raul Castro, included the release of 53 (from the thousands) of Cuban political prisoners held in the Castro Brothers' Workers Paradise.

Most of those 53 have subsequently been re-arrested, some even while the President was in Havana watching a baseball game.

 Now, (Via) Mario Alberto Hernandez Leyva, one of the 53, has also been re-arrested and his present whereabouts are unknown.
Hernandez Leyva was re-arrested in November 2015 for organizing a pot-banging protest ("cacerolazo"). He was handed a new three-year prison sentence for disobedience.
In other words, Raul Castro reneged on his deal with President Obama. 
Nonetheless, Obama still traveled to Cuba this past March and didn't say a word about Hernandez Leyva.
Hernandez Leyva has been transferred to various prisons throughout Cuba, where he has conducted hunger strikes to protest his unjust imprisonment.
Most recently, he was transferred from the nefarious Combinado del Este prison to Santa Clara, where we was being held in a punishment cell.
 Last week, he was "discretely" transferred once again -- and his whereabouts remain unknown.
Still not a word from the Obama Administration.

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