Saturday, May 28, 2016

Your Body and the Stars

I just tuned into Stephanie Marango’s new book, "Your Body and the Stars," published a few weeks ago by Atria Press, an imprint of Simon and Shuster. It can be purchased at Barnes & Noble or through that little outfit owned by my Cuban peeps... Amazon.

Even though this is an art news outlet, I get a lot of books sent to me to look at... and let me affirm that this is the first book of its kind – a fun, practical and insightful handbook that takes a revolutionary approach to wellness by showing the relationship between the twelve Zodiac signs (e.g. I'm a Virgo) and the specific body region each sign represents (e.g. the Upper Back and Heart). 
Stephanie is a holistic health physician and educator, and her collaborator, Rebecca Gordon, is the resident astrologer for Harper's Bazaar.
Two impressive minds...

While new to modern times, the relationship between health and astrology actually dates back to Babylon and forms much of the history of medicine and science, from Plato, Aristotle and the school of Hippocrates, and all through the history of Rome, and weaves all the way through medieval times. 
How can you apply this ancient wisdom to your life? 
Pick a body part (e.g. neck) or a star sign (e.g. Taurus), and read how to bring your well-being into greater balance including practical tools like self-directed questions and yoga/Pilates/strengthening exercises for an effective result.
And I think that artists can learn a lot from the other arts, especially those with ancient roots, that seem to reach and tickle each individual cell, as though each cell is tied to each floating bit of energy in the Universe.

Even though I get a lot of unsolicited books to review, as you constant readers know, seldom do I wander away from the art world, but this is a good meander -- You can find the book at Barnes & Noble as well as my bud Jeff's Amazon... you can read and enjoy it now... and learn.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, the book’s an exceptional read, weaving in mythology, history and health - and that's how it hooked me in. 
I think that you'll find it a welcome exercise at expanding your perspectives and further opening your mind to "what if?"
Read it! Use it! Art it!

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