Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hot sculpture

A metal sculpture in Portishead – fenced off after children suffered nasty burns after touching it in hot weather – was to be removed this weekend.
Apparently this large steel sculpture, which encourages people to play and interact with it, becomes so hot in the sun that it gives people third degree burns! Read the story and see images here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Andrew Wyeth

The USPS celebrated what would have been Andrew Wyeth’s 100th birthday today on 12 Forever stamps depicting samples of his iconic work. His son and acclaimed artist Jamie Wyeth helped dedicate the stamps at the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Wyeth’s hometown of Chadds Ford, PA.

There are some really cool images in this set of stamps, and I suspect that everyone will love“Christina’s World.”  The painting was inspired by Christina Olson, a disabled neighbor in Maine, and remains a rich and enigmatic work that inspired decades of interpretation. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City purchased the painting in 1948. Today, “Christina’s World” is one of the iconic works of 20th-century American art. From the sale of “Christina’s World” to the sensational “Helga pictures” unveiled in the 1980s, Wyeth captured the imagination of the American public and established himself as one of the most prominent American artists of the 20th century.  

#WyethStamps  #MyBrandywine

Hawaii Museum's Goddess of the Sea Sculpture Beheaded

The Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo is asking for the public’s help with finding missing parts from a beloved sculpture at the corner of Kamehameha Avenue and Kalakaua Street.
The original work of art belonging to the museum was damaged during the weekend of June 24.
The sculpture depicted Hawaiian goddess of the sea Namakaokahai, elder sister of fire goddess Pele, riding a sea turtle. The heads of Namakaokahai and the turtle were removed from the sculpture.
“That’s the thing that we thought was so strange,” said Marlene Murray, the museum’s executive director. “They didn’t just bash the head off. They took it with them.”
Read the whole strange article here. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Studio B July Exhibition

7475 Wisconsin Avenue,
Lower Level, Bethesda, MD 20814

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 3-7pm & by appointment
Opening Reception: Friday, July 14, 6-8pm

Located in the lower level of 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, the studio is home to artists Linda Button, Judy Gilbert Levey, Steve Hay and Shanthi Chandrasekar. Each artist creates, showcases and sells their work onsite.

July's exhibition features the Red Dot series by Shanthi Chandrasekar. Regarding the series, Chandrasekar says, "Not long ago I had a dream that filled me with the promise of great joy and limitless possibility, a feeling that unfortunately faded much too quickly upon waking. I was left with nothing more than the memory of a series of red dots arranged purposefully on a white background, an image I found I could not get out of my head. Did the dots represent the pottu or bindi on an Indian woman's forehead? Were they the dots in the kolam? Were they symbolic of the sun? Or did they denote some other energy source?"

Monday, July 10, 2017

Wanna go to an opening?

3901 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, MD 20722
(Second Floor, 39th Street entrance)

Artist Reception July 22, from 6 - 8 PM
"She fell into a dream, twenty years into the past, into the face that was not hers for so many years, into the face that vanished when death arrived. She woke up to a mix of unfamiliar faces resembling the one that was never there. Now she stands up twisted looking at herself, in her so many forms."  Juliana Vallejo
Juliana Vallejo is a Columbian artist residing in the Washington Metropolitan area. She received her B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her main focus has been painting and drawing, although she is continually experimenting with new media that allow her own language and convey her buried thoughts.

In The Corridor Gallery and Summer A.I.R. Kyujin Lee

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1972, Kyujin Lee received her MFA from the City College of the City University of New York in 1997 and her MA from the Teacher College, Columbia University in 2000. Since the fall 2001, she has been living, working, and teaching art in Washington, DC.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Our View From Here

Linn Meyer's wonderful wall drawing/show at the Hirshhorn, Our View From Here closes on August 13!  

Our View From Here, Linn Meyers, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC
Our View From Here, Linn Meyers, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC
Photo by Cathy Carver
After that date, the drawing will be painted over and the piece will vanish.  If you haven't yet seen it, I hope you will visit the Hirshhorn before the exhibition is over.  

There have been several articles written about the show. If you're curious to read more, check out: Smithsonian Magazine, The Washington TimesHyperallergicThe Washington Post, and Bmore Art.  

More information on the exhibit can be found on the museum's website here.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia to install, and then attend a party for a giant commission that was delivered about a month ago...

Since I'm there already, will stay a few days - anyone have any tips as to what to do and see?

Friday, July 07, 2017

Harry Potter, the NSO, and Wolftrap

We have three Wolftrap stadium seats tickets to the sold out HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE™ - IN CONCERT NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA with EMIL DE COU,  conducting at Wolftrap for tomorrow evening (Saturday) and now can't go.... anybody interested in buying them from me? 

Details here: 

2018 Maryland Individual Artist Award

Deadline: July 21, 2017

The deadline for Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) 2018 Individual Artist Award (IAA) applications is fast approaching. 

These highly competitive awards recognize outstanding artistic achievement, honor the unique contributions of Maryland artists to the state's creative economy, and include grants of $1,000-$6,000 to support artists as they advance their craft. 

MSAC is accepting 2018 IAA applications in the following categories: 

  • Non-Classical Music: Solo Performance
  • Non-Classical Music: Composition
  • Playwriting
  • Visual Arts: Crafts
  • Visual Arts: Photography

  • Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) administers MSAC's IAA program.

    Applicants can access IAA guidelines, application, and application assistance resources by clicking the "Maryland" tab here on MAAF's website. 

    The deadline for 2018 applications is
    Friday, July 21, 2017 at 4:30 pm EST
    All applications must be submitted online.

    MSAC and MAAF will offer one additional webinar before the deadline to guide IAA applicants through the application process. Advance registration is required. 

    Saturday, July 8, 2017, 10:00-11:30 AM - Register here

    Wednesday, July 05, 2017

    Art Scam Alert

    Beware of this thief trying to rip off artists:
     From: Dennis Smith <>
    Good Morning,

    Do you Shipped to Poland  ? and Accept Credit Card issued in USA as Payment Method and Regarding The shipping Company l have a Freight Company that you will contact Regarding Shipping Cost ,They can get the items picked up from your location and deliver directly to the final destination without any Problem of additional importation tax.

    Dennis Smith

    Bootcamp for Artists Seminar

    Early heads up!

    On September 30, from 2-4:30 pm, The Brentwood Arts Exchange and I will be once again hosting my well-known “Bootcamp for Artists” seminar at no cost to the artists.

    This seminar is suitable for all visual artists interested in taking their careers to the next level.

    Ever wondered how to maximize the attention your work gets from the press, galleries, and museum curators? How to present your work in a professional manner and save money in the process? How to tap into grants, awards and residencies? How to approach a gallery?

    Then this is the seminar for you! This program is free, but space is limited to 40 persons, and last year lots of artists were turned away because it filled up so quickly!

    As soon as they start taking reservations (and I will announce that soon), I recommend that interested people reserve early, as this seminar always books up very quickly!

    This program will be held in MNCPPC’s Brentwood Arts Exchange on the 1st Floor of the Gateway Arts Center, 3901 Rhode Island Avenue, Brentwood, MD 20722, just over the District line on Rhode Island Avenue.

    See ya there!

    Tuesday, July 04, 2017

    Duty station ball caps

    A sampling of some duty stations ball caps while I was honored to wear the uniform of the United States Navy (not all of the duty stations... by a long shot... but a "sampling" - missing are NTC Orlando, NTC San Diego, NTC Great Lakes, NTTC Corry Station, NSGD Rota, NSGA Imperial Beach, USS Fresno, USS LaSalle, USS Coronado, USS Virginia, NSGA Edzell, NPS Monterey, COMSPAWARSYCOM, and who knows how many others I've forgotten....
    Petty Officer Third Class Campello
    , US Navy

    Lieutenant Commander Campello, US Navy

    Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! 

    Whatever your political views are... always remember that what makes us different is that we are the mongrels that created the greatest experiment and then the greatest nation in the history of this planet!

    Disagree with your neighbors if you have to... but always listen to them... and then shake hands and have them over for a BBQ.

    “I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy." - John F. Kennedy

    USS Saratoga ball cap

    USS New Jersey ball cap

    Nave Ardito ball cap

    USS Aylwin ball cap

    USS Thorn ball cap



    NSGA Skaggs Isalnd Ball Cap

    Monday, July 03, 2017


    And... nu ......... I broke down: this is my Instagram:

    Vintage 1997 Mermaid at Auction

    Bid for it here.
    Limited Edition Lithograph, circa 1997. 9 x 4.5 inches
    Bid for it here.

    Friday, June 30, 2017

    Ric Garcia and Fierce Sonia

    August 2 - 27, 2017
                   Opening reception:  Saturday,  August 5,  5 - 8 pm
                               Artists' talk: Sunday, August 20, 5:30 - 7
    Foundry Gallery
    2118 - 8th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC  20001
    Hours:  Wed - Sun 1 - 7 pm, except Fridays 3 - 9 pm
        Juror Jack Rasmussen will speak at the opening and moderate the artists' talk.
        Guest artists Ric Garcia and Fierce Sonia populate their images with iconic superheros, princesses, damsels in distress and empowered queens, all portrayed in contemporary and re-imagined ways.  Their collective vision explores new narratives about struggle, power, and heroism.  Who has been the hero in traditional stories, comic books and fairy tales?  And how do changing roles affect these stories?
    Fierce Sonia - Mirror-Mirror - 12 x 12 - mixed media, acrylic and collage
    Fierce Sonia - Mirror-Mirror - 12 x 12 - mixed media, acrylic and collage
        Says Fierce Sonia, "I often work on many pieces at once, obsessively re-telling the story much like a folk tale is folded over the mouth many times.  The images remain decidedly feminine.  I am most interested in universal and unifying narratives found in fairy tales, mythology, advertisement, and religion."
    Ric Garcia - GI Cash - 30 x 30 - oil on canvas
    Ric Garcia - GI Cash - 30 x 30 - oil on canvas
         Ric Garcia sees his appropriation of images as a meditation on identity.  "I infuse my art with references to various mythos, focusing on hero worship, literary works, Latino and gender cultures, creating images about Americana filtered by my bi-cultural experience," Garcia says.
         Jack Rasmussen is Director and Curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center.

    The Business of the Arts - You're Invited!

    Topic: Crafting the Case: Learn to Write a Case to Raise Funds & Win Support
    Do you want to dramatically increase your contributed income by turning prospects into donors? Then you need a case for funding. A strong case. The kind that incites goosebumps. The kind that pulls heartstrings. The kind that leads to support.
    Join Leila Fitzpatrick and Nadine Gabai-Botero, CFRE for an in-depth
    workshop to crafting an effective case for funding.
    You will learn...
    • How to write a compelling "Problem Statement" and a powerful solution
    • Effective storytelling techniques that inspire donors 
    • Tactics to cast the donor as the star of your story 
    Monday, July 10, 2017
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
    Location: 200 I (Eye) Street, SE, Multipurpose Room Washington, DC 20003 
    Metro: Navy Yard/Ballpark (Green Line)RSVP via Eventbrite

    The Business of the Arts
    The Business of the Arts Professional Development Series refers to workshops organized by The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (CAH) that aim to provide CAH grantees (past, present, and future) knowledge and skills that will increase capabilities for successful grant writing, networking, advancing cultural democracy, and improving operation sustainability.
    For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Kali Wasenko at or (202) 724-1445 by Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    The curious saga of Bringing in the Turf by William Conor

    Art Recovery International has announced the successful recovery of an important Irish painting, stolen under mysterious circumstances from a private residence in Belfast in 2008.

    Bringing in the Turf by William Conor
    Bringing in the Turf
    by William Conor is considered among the leading works in the Irish folk art movement, popularised by portrayals of working-class life in Ulster. It was purchased in 1948 by Frank and Turid Malpress and was displayed in their family home for 50 years.

    In 2003, the Malpress family received warning from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) that thieves were known to be operating in their area and that the Malpress collection may be at risk. In an innovative plan, the PSNI arranged for copies of two paintings to be created and installed in place of the originals, acting as bait for potential thieves while the family were away. When no theft was attempted, the originals were replaced and the fakes destroyed.

    In 2008, Turid Malpress, now 95 years old, fell victim to a home-invasion and two artworks were stolen. The thieves left a token sum of money in the family home: a method common to thieves known as ‘knockers’. Mrs Malpress immediately called her grandson and the PSNI to report the crime and complete an incident report. The location of the paintings remained a mystery for 5 years.

    In May 2013, Bringing in the Turf was offered for sale at Whyte's auction house in Dublin and, with no claim to the painting revealed by the saleroom’s due diligence processes, it was sold to a collector based in Chicago, USA.  In August 2013, Robin Thompson, the victim's son-in-law, noticed the sale record for Bringing in the Turf listed on Whyte's website and contacted his insurance company who turned to Art Recovery International to recover the painting.

    Christopher A. Marinello, CEO of Art Recovery International, led recovery efforts by bringing together the saleroom’s owner, Ian Whyte, along with representatives from the PSNI, An Guarda Sionchana and the FBI. Following almost four years of negotiations, Ian Whyte agreed to return the stolen Conor to the Malpress family, over nine years after the theft.

    Christopher A. Marinello said: "The recovery of this painting could not have happened without the extraordinary efforts of FBI Special Agent Luigi Mondini. A member of the FBI's Art Crime Team, Agent Mondini went above and beyond the call of duty to aid two foreign police forces and the Belfast based victims in this extremely complex matter.  This case shows that auction houses need to perform due diligence, not only on the artwork consigned for sale, but on the consignors themselves.  Ian Whyte's eventual cooperation was a welcome turn of events."

    Robin Thompson added, ‘We are absolutely delighted to have ‘Bringing in the Turf’ back in our family over 9 years after the original theft.  This would not have been possible without the professional expertise of Chris Marinello, and his team at Art Recovery International, and their persistence in the matter when all seemed to be lost. We are eternally grateful to them for their supreme efforts.”
    The Malpress family are still seeking the other stolen painting by Daniel O'Neil, entitled The Prodigal Son