Saturday, May 28, 2016

Art Walks America ap

More than 25 million Americans attend thousands of art walks, gallery openings, and other arts events every year ... and now they will have an app designed specifically to meet their needs and enrich their experiences. Launching July 4, 2016, Art Walk America (AWA) will be available in both an ad-supported free and a $1.99 version. AWA is a product of its parent company, MOV!

AWA beta tester sign-ups are being accepted now at prior to the Independence Day launch. The initial version of the AWA app will feature 8-10 major cities across the United States, with a wider focus planned in stages throughout the third and fourth quarters of 2016. For more on the Art Walk America app, go to

Art Walk America is the brainchild of MOV! CEO and Art Walk America Creative Director Gloria J. Fredricks, who is an oil painter, sculptor and interior designer: "As an artist who seeks to connect with fellow artists and others who appreciate the arts, I have been keenly aware for years now of the need for a means by which the arts and the public can come together more fully and with greater ease. Not only will Art Walk America bring more people to the arts, it also will provide important opportunities for those who support the arts to demonstrate that and, perhaps most importantly, for artists to find a market for their works."

The primary appeal of AWA is simple: A user-friendly way to search, find and make the most of art-related events, including art walks, gallery showings, and other culinary, fine arts, music, and fashion events.

AWA will feature live streaming video from art walk events, as well as AWA user submitted photographs, reports, and reviews. Event organizers will be able to self-submit content about their events and the featured galleries and artists. Additional content will be curated by AWA, sponsors, event organizers, and AWA users. Supported by The Hastings Group, Art Walk America will make use of the latest in technology to bring together the public, events, artists, event organizers, and sponsors. 
The ad-supported Web site and free app will feature events searchable by city and personal location, as well as dates, times, maps, gallery information, and other content. The $1.99 version will be ad free and offer such enhanced features as live, step-by-step maps, a "concierge service" (restaurants, B&Bs, parking), special gallery tours, talks by artists, access to special events, and other premium features.

Gloria Fredricks said: "No one should ever have to wonder again whether or not there is a local art event available to them. No one should ever have to feel like a stranger when they show up at an event. And no one should ever have to worry that they didn't have the richest and fullest experience as an attendee. Our goal is to make Art Walk America a win for everyone ... the general public, event organizers, sponsors, gallery owners ... and, most importantly, the artists who make all of this possible."

MOV! is currently beginning to speak to organizations interested in supporting the mission of Art Walk America, including planned foundation activity such as art in the schools, art camps, art competitions, and the promotion of art around the world.

Gloria J. Fredricks is a resident of Washington, D.C., Minnesota and Arizona. For 10 years, she has been a full-time practicing artist, with a focus on plein air oil painting, figurative drawings, photography, sculpture, fashion design, and the culinary arts. Fredricks ran an interior design firm for 15 years. Her works have been featured in a variety of shows throughout the U.S. and have been sold to collections internationally. She is member of Landscape Artists International, International Plein Air Painters, and a signature member of Northern Plains Artists. 
MOV!, the parent company of Art Walk America, is the growing center of a number of new brands and services designed by artists for artists .and those who appreciate the arts. MOV! products and services evoke strong responses from their users. MOV! will move you.

Follow Art Walk America on Twitter at @LaunchAWA and Facebook at

Friday, May 27, 2016

It's the parents' fault...

Two young boys gleefully destroyed a piece of art at a museum in Shanghai last week while adults, presumed to be their mothers, filmed the incident.

Read the story here. 

Color Chords

Thursday, May 26, 2016

City of Alexandria to take over the Torpedo Factory

The city’s controversial move last week to temporarily take control of the Torpedo Factory Art Center caught many in Alexandria off guard. While three years seems to be pushing the boundary of what’s truly “temporary,” on face value the action makes sense.
Read that Alexandria Times story here.
 “The expectation now is that if we are leasing directly with the artists, now the city is bringing in that income, so we’re expecting the business model to still be self-perpetuating as it currently is but in a slightly different channel,” Ruggiero said. “Especially since this is a temporary measure, we will set it up within our system as a separate budget so it won’t be absorbed into the office of the arts. It’ll be a separate thing so we can track it better.”
Read that other Alexandria Times story here
Artists and art patrons have been expressing concern about the future of the center since a consultant’s report in January excoriated how the Torpedo Factory is organized. The report called the management structure dysfunctional, citing distrust among those involved and a lack of diversity among the artists. It also described the center as “continually hampered by disruptive politics about the distribution of power and authority.”
Read that WaPo story here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A 5th force discovered?

A laboratory experiment in Hungary has spotted an anomaly in radioactive decay that could be the signature of a previously unknown fifth fundamental force of nature, physicists say—if the finding holds up.
Details here. 

Please Touch

Please Touch
Saturday, June 4 – Sunday, July 17, 2016
Reception: Thursday, June 9; 6 – 8 pm with talk at 7 pm

Target Gallery, the contemporary exhibition space for the Torpedo Factory Art Center, encourages people to touch, feel, dine upon, and even lick the artwork in Please Touch, on view Saturday, June 4 through Sunday, July 17, 2016. 

Sixteen national and international artists, including four people from Virginia, were juried into this group show. This all-media exhibition features 20 works with which audiences should engage.

“I chose work that specifically challenged the traditional expectation of experiencing art,” said Cynthia Connolly, Arlington County’s special projects curator and juror for the exhibition. “In this case, one must touch the artwork in order to completely understand, appreciate and experience the intention of the artist.”

For example, Colleen Ludwig’s Pod Field is a series of wooden forms affixed with long pod stalks. The audience is invited to brush against the pods as they walk through the installation, triggering the bamboo chimes. The more people in the space, the more it fills the industrial surroundings of the

Jenifer Hansen’s Project Share is two ceramic dish sets and a social art project. One set stays in Target Gallery for display, the other is for visitors to borrow and use for a meal with a stranger. There is no fee for this project, participants are merely asked to snap a few photos and write a blog entry. (See the blog from a similar project in Columbus, Ohio.) The dishes are a vehicle to engage in conversation over the intimate act of sharing food.

Fumi Amano, of Richmond, Virginia, created one of the most intimate works in the show with Look at Me. An immigrant from Japan, Amano’s work is a reflection of her sense of isolation and the challenges of connecting with others through a language barrier. In her work, visitors sit on opposite sides of a frosted pane of glass, unable to see each other. The person on the frosted side then licks the pane, revealing a face. This intense and visceral act mimics Amano’s own desire to break through barriers and communicate with others.

“We are told not to touch fine art, and definitely never to lick it,” said Kaitlyn Ward, Target Gallery director. “I want the gallery experience to be completely interactive, and for the visitor to feel like he or she is breaking the rules.”

The participating artists are:

·        Fumi Amano – Richmond, VA

·        Marcelyn Bennett Carpenter - Bloomfield Hills, MI

·        Brielle DuFlon – Charlottesville, VA

·        Sherman Finch – Cypress, TX

·        Magdalene Gluszek – Show Low, AZ

·        Jennifer Hansen – West Olive, MI

·        Dana Lynn Harper  – Columbus, OH

·        Tim Harper – Midlothian, VA

·        Katie Hudnall – Indianapolis, IN

·        Young Suk Lee – South Bend, IN

·        Colleen Ludwig – Detroit, MI

·        Charles Benjamin Rosecrans – Sandy Hook, CT

·        Richard Starbuck – London, England

·        Kurt Treeby – Buffalo, NY

·        Art Vidrine – Alexandria, VA

·        Dukno Yoon – Manhattan, KS

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

(Art)xiomas - CUBAAHORA: the Next Generation

(Art)xiomas - CUBAAHORA: the Next Generation, is an art exhibition at the beautiful Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) which opens June 9, 2016 and displays the work of 15 Cuban contemporary young artists.

It's not that common to have so many Cuban artists together around the DMV - in fact, the last time that I can remember so many Cubanos in one show was when we curated the epic "From Here and From There: De Aqui y De Alla" more than a decade ago at the Fraser Gallery.

That show for the first time brought to the capital region many of today's leading contemporary Cuban artists... a generation or two before the ones that AMA will showcase next month -- many of the artists in that earlier show had strong dissident voices, fueled by Cuba's "Special Period" in many cases, and they were courageously using their artwork to reflect the realities of their life on the island, or as part of the Cuban Diaspora around the world. That show was a spectacular success, and many of those pieces now reside in museums around the United States and Latin America, thanks to the generosity of the collectors who bought the entire show, and then, throughout the years, have donated the work to public institutions.

And now the 
Art Museum of the Americas is showcasing these "new"
young Cuban artists
for this 
at the OAS AMA 
 Art Museum of the Americas
201 18th St, Washington, DC 20006

The show has been curated by Gabriela García Azcuy.

(Art)xiomas includes installation art, video, photography, sculpture, painting, performance, among others.
The meaning of 'axiom' is a self-evident truth. These recent graduates of Cuba’s University of the Arts, now in their 30’s, face their realities with a new gaze, free of political elements that nonetheless penetrate their works, their discourses are more autobiographical than politically contextualized. Moreover, they reconcile their independently managed studios and work with government cultural organizations and international galleries and institutions.
There's a little double-talk in that news release statement, which is a very Cuban thing. They are apparently "free of political elements", and yet those political elements "nonetheless penetrate their works." That's Cubanese for you!

More translation: When they "reconcile their independently managed studios and work with government cultural organizations," that means that they carefully navigate the heavy hand of Cuba's brutal dictators, which curiously enough sometimes seem a little lax when it comes to artwork (unless you're Tania Bruguera, or Danilo Maldonado, a Cuban artist known as "El Sexto," who has been imprisoned since December 26th, 2014)... and I can go on and on.

I am really excited to see this show and will write more about it after I attend the press preview.

(Art)Xiomas will open June 9 at AMA and the opening reception, free and open to the public is Thursday, June 9 6-8pm. Details here.

The artists in this show, as far as I know making their DMV debut are:

Adriana Arronte, Aria
na Contino, Adri
n Fern
ndez, Alex Hern
ndez, Frank M
jica, Osmeivy Ortega, Jorge Otero, Mabel Poblet, Lisandra Ram
rez, Adisl
n Reyes, Roger Toledo, Gustavo del Valle, Josuhe Pagliery, Grethell Rasúa, and Harold García. 

Mabel Poblet Pujol
All of them, except Roger Toledo, are coming for the opening of the show.

I am familiar with the work of several of the artists, such as the skilled paper cut-out works by Ariamna Contino, and the very talented (and sometimes Bettie Page doppelgänger) Mabel Poblet Pujol, and others, but will also be discovering some new talent at this show.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Looking Glass: Artist Immigrants of Washington

This is my latest work and it is heading to the The Looking Glass: Artist Immigrants of Washington show at the Katzen Museum at American University.

The show, curated by Jack Rasmussen, runs June 18–August 14, 2016, and opens to the public with an opening reception (free and open to the public) on June 18 from 6-8PM.
The exhibition celebrates ten artists who left Latin America for many different reasons over the last sixty years – primarily for safety, freedom, and opportunity – and made their homes, and their artistic careers and contributions, in the Washington region. They include Joan Belmar and Juan Downey from Chile, Carolina Mayorga from Colombia, Ric Garcia, Lenny Campello, and Jose Ygnacio Bermudez from Cuba, Muriel Hasbun from El Salvador, Frida Larios from El Salvador/Honduras, Irene Clouthier from Mexico, and Naul Ojeda from Uruguay. They brought with them artistic traditions that took root and bore fruit here in the United States.
As the show focuses on immigrant artists to the DMV, in this piece, the embedded video component plays a video loop (6.5 minutes) covering my life so far, with a special focus on why my family had to leave the brutal world of the Castro Brothers' Workers Paradise in the 1960s. The small boy to the left is me (as a four year old) running around my grandather's farm just outside of Guantanamo

As I usually do, I've used the "cracks" on the background wall to employing the Navy's Falcon Codes as the first encryptor) double encrypt a background message... more on the show later...

American University Museum
Fax: 202-885-1140

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

Admission Free
Tue-Sun, 11:00-4:00
Fully Accessible
See Directions

"Cuban by Ancestry, But American by the Grace of God." Charcoal and Conte and Embedded Video. F. Lennox Campello. 18x24 inches, circa 2016.
"Cuban by Ancestry, But American by the Grace of God."
Charcoal and Conte and Embedded Video. 18x24 inches, circa 2016.

"Cuban by Ancestry, But American by the Grace of God."
Charcoal and Conte and Embedded Video. 18x24 inches, circa 2016.

"Cuban by Ancestry, But American by the Grace of God."
Charcoal and Conte and Embedded Video. 18x24 inches, circa 2016.

"Cuban by Ancestry, But American by the Grace of God."
Charcoal and Conte and Embedded Video. 18x24 inches, circa 2016.

Obama, Cuba and the curious case of the 53

Part of the deal made by our President with the racist Cuban dictator Raul Castro, included the release of 53 (from the thousands) of Cuban political prisoners held in the Castro Brothers' Workers Paradise.

Most of those 53 have subsequently been re-arrested, some even while the President was in Havana watching a baseball game.

 Now, (Via) Mario Alberto Hernandez Leyva, one of the 53, has also been re-arrested and his present whereabouts are unknown.
Hernandez Leyva was re-arrested in November 2015 for organizing a pot-banging protest ("cacerolazo"). He was handed a new three-year prison sentence for disobedience.
In other words, Raul Castro reneged on his deal with President Obama. 
Nonetheless, Obama still traveled to Cuba this past March and didn't say a word about Hernandez Leyva.
Hernandez Leyva has been transferred to various prisons throughout Cuba, where he has conducted hunger strikes to protest his unjust imprisonment.
Most recently, he was transferred from the nefarious Combinado del Este prison to Santa Clara, where we was being held in a punishment cell.
 Last week, he was "discretely" transferred once again -- and his whereabouts remain unknown.
Still not a word from the Obama Administration.

Refueling at Sea

Gorgeous work by Walter Brightwell... perhaps the greatest US Navy ship painter of all time?

This is a Navy destroyer refueling at sea... not too many navies in the world can do this (the Russians can't).

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Way Back at WAW

The Way Back at Washington ArtWorks features artwork by United States Military Veterans whose art pieces are derived from their uniforms. Each artist has transformed their uniform into paper upon which they create works of art and poetry. A therapeutic manner of creating work, this exhibition gives insight into the affects of active duty on military members.

Name of Event: Opening reception of The Way Back
Opening Date: Friday, June 3rd
Time: 6-9pm
Dates of Exhibition: June 3rd - June 30th
Cost: Free and Open to the Public
Contact #: 301.654.1998
Address: 12276 Wilkins Ave. Rockville, MD 20852