Sunday, November 29, 2015

ABMB Miami - VIP Opening Night Minus two

Miami's always growing skyline... tomorrow is the van dance of trying to find a parking spot close enough to unload the van... and then installation begins...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Art Basel Week: Big View at ABMB Day minus 3

View from the Hotel Room
(Designed to make the DMV jealous of November)

Airborne today

Heading to Miami for planet's biggest art dance... We will be at Context Art Miami for the third year in a row; this time at booth CTX63.

As usual, daily reports coming... The fairs open a day early, as the VIP receptions are on Tuesday... This will make for a very long week.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Campello heading to Miami

How do I love thee? 2015 Charcoal by F. Lennox Campello
"How Do I Love Thee?"
(Sonnets to the Portuguese)
20x16 inches, Charcoal and Conte on Paper
2015 by F. Lennox Campello

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Haze gray and underway...

As we head out to spend Thanksgiving with our families, a salute to all to men and women of our armed forces all over the world, especially those who are away from their families today, with a special shout out to all the American sailors and Marines out to sea... We've got your back.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No more art for Blake Byrne!

A well known Democrat Los Angeles art collector has vowed to stop contributing to Democrats because they joined with Republicans in a bipartisan vote last week.

LA art collector Blake Byrne "sent an email to several Democrats Monday, including California Reps. Julia Brownley (West Lake Village), John Garamendi (Walnut Grove) and Scott Peters (San Diego), saying he is “greatly disappointed” they voted with Republicans and that he will no longer donate in any way to their campaigns."

The LA Times reports that Byrne also sent the letter to the Los Angeles Times,  Echo Lake Entertainment President Andy Spaulding, and others in the entertainment industry.

Cough... Cough...

Here's the thing: no one can dispute Blake's zeal and dogma... And I will defend his right to give his Samolians to whomever he wants to... But this "news release angle" (guaranteed to make the news, especially when the rare bipartisan vote takes place) to what most of the times is a private matter, really smells of a Hollywood dude looking to see his name in Google News... 

Good for you Blake! Next time, keep it to yourself. 

As a result of your Hollywoodesque action, and the way in which it came to my attention... I will no longer sell you any artwork for your collection!

Sorry dude - no more art for you!

Van loaded and headed to Miami

Load van with artwork - Check
Have Audrey Wilson pick up van - Check
Head South - Check

We'll be at CONTEXT Art Miami next week (booth CTX63) for the Art Basel week arts extravaganza as the visual arts world comes to the Greater Miami area.

We'll be showcasing the following DC area artists:
Also showing work by:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Foundation Creates 100K Prize for Women Artists

The New Foundation, founded by Shari D. Behnke, has created a prize of $100,000 to be given every two years to "an influential, U.S.-based woman artist in honor of her exemplary artistic achievements and enduring commitment to her practice."
Read the whole article by Jen Graves here. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

DC Arts Studios Open House

DC Arts Studios (DCAS) invites the public to join them for their annual Holiday Open House on December 13, from Noon to 5pm.

Tour artists’ studios and take a peek behind the scenes into their creative process. You’ll be able to purchase original artwork and other handmade gifts directly from the artists. In addition, there will be refreshments, music, and holiday cheer throughout the building. The event is free, and fun for all ages!

Participating Artists include: JoAnn Block, Becky Borlan, Eric Celarier, Martha Crawley, Pam Eichner, Madeleine Finley, Bradley Gay, Justin Gellerson, Sue Grace, Paula Greenberg, Leslie Goldman, Marta Gutierrez, Chantel Hampton, Amanda Kates, Stana Benesova Kimball, Andrew Watson Kirk, Knock on Wood Tap Studio, The Lab Breakdance Studio, Betsy Kraft, Sara Levy, Megan Maher, Jim Maio, Sonnie Mason, Bill Mitchell, Nancy McNamara, Craig Moran,  Dominie Nash, Nikkia Redd, Nicole Salimbene, Ed Savoir, Maria Simonsson, Jared Soares, Hillary Steel, Anna Stockdale, Charlie Visconage, Jenny Walton, Sarah West, Jordann Wine, Saaraliisa Ylitalo and Ariel Zambelich.
12-5pm: Self guided studios tour and exhibition opening in the Willow Street Gallery (35 artist studios will be open!)

1-2pm: Cape Breton Dance Class at Knock on Wood Tap Studio (downstairs). Drop-ins Welcome! Class is $20 and taught by Agi Kovacs
Directions to DCAS:
6925 Willow St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20012

Via Metro: Take the Red Line to Takoma. Walk on Carrol Avenue towards the CVS Pharmacy. Take a right onto Willow Street, we are about halfway down the block.
If driving, there is 2hr parking on Willow Street and surrounding streets. There is also a paid lot on Carroll Ave, behind Republic and the Ace Hardware
For further information, contact Managing Director, Becky Borlan, at

This event is free, open to the public, and handicapped accessible.