Sunday, September 21, 2014

Art studio space to rent in Bethesda...

Space available for rent NOW.  

Great group of women artists... Collegial atmosphere and a great location— Easy access to Bethesda Metro and public parking.  $201 per month for one year (+ insurance), with additional year on current lease.

For more information and to see space please contact Jane:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Marvel 75th Anniversary Iron Fist sketch card by Campello

2014 Marvel 75th Anniversary sketch card 
The card is officially licensed by Marvel

Friday, September 19, 2014

Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has announced the programming for the annual art festival Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC -- it will be expanding across the city on September 27, 2014.
Art All Night presents an eclectic evening of music, visual and performing artists. Based on a festival concept that began in Paris, Art All Night offers residents and visitors an exciting opportunity to engage with DC arts and artists. Programming includes live painting, performances by local musicians, poetry readings and exterior lighting displays. Art All Night activates and enlivens neighborhoods with arts and cultural activities, contributing to the vibrancy of the city.

Art All Night: Nuit Blanche DC will begin at 7:00 pm on Saturday, September 27 and conclude at 3:00 am Sunday, September 28. A full listing of programming is available online at Additional information can be found at

The DC festival was founded in 2011 by Creative Director Ariana Austin, who is this year's project coordinator and was presented by Shaw Main Streets.This year, through the efforts of DCCAH, the festival will also include the Dupont Circle, North Capitol, H Street NE, Congress Heights, and Shaw Main Streets. Each of the five neighborhoods will host their own unique mix of artistic programming for audiences to enjoy free of charge. The DC Main Streets program is funded by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development. DCCAH hopes to build on the success of previous events that attracted audiences of up to 15,000 people in one night.

"The Commission has supported Art All Night since its first activation, and we are thrilled to be able to expand it across the city for even more to participate," said Judith Terra, Chair of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. "Art All Night is a fun and festive event that engages all residents across the city. With this festival, Washington, DC joins a global network of Nuit Blanche all-night arts events, that started in Paris in 2002 and has captivated audiences from Montreal to Melbourne."

"Art All Night is a great example of how the arts drive economic development through creative place-making," said Lionell Thomas, Executive Director of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. "The event is a great mechanism for increasing foot traffic to the neighborhoods and businesses, while spotlighting local arts and culture."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland Independence Vote

Scottish voters (starting at the age of 16) are voting today in an attempt to once again secede from the 307 year-old union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A union that was started by a Scottish king, not an English king.

I love Scotland - I lived there from 1989-1992 and was seduced by one of the most beautiful nations on the planet and some of the hardest working, smart, people on the same planet... when you are in Scotland, and walk around the glens, and see the sun poke a hole in the clouds and shine on this planet's greenest pastures, one understands why people believe in magic. And thus my my heart says yes to independence, but the Scottish National Party -- like most politicians on the planet - are a bunch of crooks with half lies, empty promises and jingoistic fervor that history teaches us leads to no good end! What they have promised the Scots, if they vote yes, has been built mostly on deceit and promises of a super nanny state funded by disputed oil resources in the North Sea.

In spite of that, I would think that I would let my heart rule and I would vote yes to secede and take my own chances as an independent nation of very tough, brilliant people... same for the Catalans, who are in a similar situation in Scotland's ancestral home in Spain...

Here's what I'm afraid of -- if they secede...

1. The English will force them off the pound - as they should! Why would Scotland vote to leave, but keep the old currency?

2. They will also boycott any attempt by Scotland to join the European union - Even if they don't, it will take years for the Scots to join the EU.

3. They will actively work to isolate Scotland and teach those Celts a lesson!

4. Scotland is essentially a rural country with a very strong sense of identity, but lacks an industrial infrastructure - because the English have designed it that way for centuries; even the shipbuilding in Scotland is dependent on English imports.

5. The international courts will rule against Scotland for the oil wells outside of the CTML 12 mile limit - this is where future funding for the SNP nanny state is supposed to come from...

6. Scotland will depend on imports to form an industrial base.

7. The English will work to make that difficult.

8. A desperate Scotland will present a BRILLIANT opportunity for China (or Putin) to step in and "help the Scots."

Result? English arrogance and ethnic insolence (they consider Scots as WOGS) - will push the Scots into the arms of the old Reds and the new Reds; Mark my words... So I hope the Scots vote no. And of course... "IF IT'S NOT SCOTTISH ---- IT'S CRAP!"

Need to borrow...

A call out to the DMV arts audience: I am in need to borrow two sets of Pro-panels ( for (e)merge art fair next month... I just need them for about a week during the fair and will gladly trade a piece of original art for them... 

Send me a note if you can lend me some and I will pick them up and return them after the fair.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Live Art Auction at Katzen

The AU Museum exhibit "Estate Art of H. Marc Moyens" will close this Saturday Sept. 20 for Fall for the Arts. The day of art classes, spontaneous performances and fun for the whole family ends with an auction of art from Moyens' collection.
Moyens' collection is unique - the museum exhibited works from the collection in 2006, Remembering Marc and Komei, to rave reviews. Moyens has an interesting back story; he left France in 1946 with $40 in his pocket and arrived in Washington. He became a translator at the World Bank and began to collect art. By 1970, the Corcoran Gallery of Art honored him with an exhibition of his collection. He regularly attended the biennial exhibitions at Venice, São Paulo, Tokyo and Paris as well as Documenta, the Guggenheim and Pittsburg Internationals, the Salons de Mai and Whitney Annuals. According to one review: "At the core of Mr. Moyens’ sensibility is a taste for the fantastic, the magical, and the surreal expressed with realistic detail… Another characteristic common to all of these works is a particularly European pleasure in materials, care and craft of application, and preciousness in handling and feeling… an essentially European and cosmopolitan sensibility.” 

As Moyens' collection grew, he opened his own gallery, Gallery Marc in 1969. Six years later, he joined forces with Komei Wachi to open Gallery K. Besides the great European works in the collection, Moyens also bought the works of important Washington artists represented in the auction, artists like Ed Bisese, James Bumgardner, “Big Al” Carter, Pat Craig, Betsy Falk, Ruby McLain Grady, Robert Hynes, Alfred McAdams, Jody Mussoff, Franklin White, and Washington ex-pats John Harne and Alan Stone. There are also examples of American Folk Art, and Latin-American and Southwestern landscape painting of extremely high quality. Moyens and Wachi both passed away in 2003.

Fall for the Arts is a fundraiser, and all proceeds benefit the arts at AU. Tickets are $25 and $10 for students and those under 18. For workshop schedules, online tickets, and auction information, visit the Fall for the Arts website here.
See the auction items and then and bid here.

There are some great deals to be had in this auction, for example:

Robert Hynes Joe's Soluner Tables, 1976
Graphite on paper, 23 x 27 in.
Starting Bid: $100

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Congrats to the Nats on clinching the division title!

Red Dirt Studio is moving - Party!!!

Firehouse PARTY and Fundraiser!
Saturday, September 27 from 4-10 pm
4051 34th Street, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712 
(a couple blocks up from GLUT food co-op and Ani Kasten Ceramics)
In the early hours: kid-friendly stuff sponsored by Joe's Movement Emporium and Art Works Now, plus steel drums performance...
Featuring a special aerial performance by Red Dirt's own, circus professional Kirsty Little --- Kirsty owned her own circus in England (The Wrong Size) and moved to the United States a couple years ago to study performance art.

In the later hours: exciting new compositions by Marc Blackwood's band, InnerLoop, featuring Jill Warren on vocals, plus...
They've reserved a keg of Franklin's recent limited edition special brew--come check it out!
They've also got Red Dirt t-shirts for sale, and some other awesome stuff...
And, they're launching an Indiegogo site on or near same day to begin their fundraising campaign.

Click "join" and look for updates on their Facebook FIREHOUSE FUNDRAISER + PARTY event page here...