Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artists' Websites: Kris Kuksi

When Fraser Gallery showed the works of Kris Kuksi in his first DC solo several years ago, the Washington Post wrote about his show that "...Painter Kris Kuksi's work, on exhibit at Fraser Gallery under the pretentious moniker "The Within," is masterfully rendered figurative art (Fraser's stock in trade). Ranging from full-color hallucinations inspired by medical illustrations, religious iconography and surrealism to straightforward (if oversize) black-and-white portraiture, Kuksi's images seem contrived to disturb and confront the viewer, which is probably why they don't..."

Kris Kuksi Sculpture

Through Death United (detail). Mixed Media Assemblage, 84x34 inches

They say that revenge is best served cold, and since those early days, Kuksi's stock in the art world has soared and later this year he will have his second major New York solo exhibition from November-December, 2009, at the Joshua Liner Gallery as well as being showcased in last year's Scope Art Fair in Miami.

Check out Kuksi's amazing artwork here.