Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Invitational Exhibition at Waverly

There was a time when the streets of Bethesda were paved with art galleries from curb to curb: Fraser, Heineman, Neptune, Osuna, etc. - at one point a decade ago there were 13 galleries in the Bethesda Art Walk!

Waverly Gallery is now one of a handful of Bethesda galleries which has stood the test of time, and is still around since its founding in 1993. Part of that survival skills is the fact that this gallery is a cooperative gallery, riding the capricious tides of the economy on the robust shoulders of its member artists.

The gallery recently hosted its invitational exhibit, with work by Henry Winokur, Joan April, Shaune Bazner, Kyujin Lee, JoEllen Murphy, Jill Cantrill, Paul Guilderson, Lucy Louise Derickson, John D. Antone, Jack Allbrittain, Mariana Kastrinakis, Kim Blue, Carol Barsha, Hunt Prothro, John Paradiso, Sue Osterhout, Andreia Gliga, Sara Parent-Ramos, Courtney Applequist, and Diane Szczepaniak.

Dreams and Shadows by Courtney Applequist
My favorite "new" discovery was the work, the very painterly paintings of Courtney Applequist - I was intrigued by the technique - is it a palette which is delivering these immensely sensual paintings? the brush? or a mixture of both? In any event, the sense of moistness, light and volume is palpable in this elegant work - keep an eye on this artist.

Adrift by Kyujin Lee
I've seen Kyujin Lee's work previously - and I am always impressed by the facility with which this artist tackles such interesting subjects.

John Paradiso
John Paradiso is a DMV artrockstar... 'nuff said!