Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tim Tate

What has DMV uber artist Tim Tate been up to in the last few?

A Century Of Longing
9 x 9 x 1 inches
Cast Ploy-Vitro, Video

This piece's video shows the first time in history that two men were filmed dancing together. It is 1898 in Thomas Edison's studio. Just as the way we perceive these two men has morphed over the last century, and so too has the way we view new media. They could never have known that the three minutes they stood and danced together would become an iconic image for a new age
Aubergine Infinity
Cast Poly-Vitro, Glass, Lighting
16 x 16 x 3 inches

Bellows Interrupted
15 x 23 x 4 inches
Wood, Video

Crimson Infinity
16 x 16 x 4 inches
Cast Poly-Vitro, Glass, Lighting

I See How Far I've Wandered
Poly-Vitro, Video

 Video is of a woman, writing on a chalkboard, "I See How Far I've Wandered" forwards and backwards
On These Magic Shores
Blown and Cast Glass, Found Objects
26 x 10 x 10

The small figure on the top finial dreams of childhood memories. The title comes from a quote from Peter Pan

She Was Often Gripped With The Desire To Be Elsewhere..
Blown and Cast Glass, Video
25 x 10 x 10

Inside the dome, a young woman holds a video screen showing a girl in a pleated skirt and saddle shoes confidently carrying a suitcase into her unknown future. The top finial is of a cast glass hand holding a compass.
Summer Anthracite
Cast Poly Vitro, Video
9" round

 Video is a stop motion of tulips opening and closing
The Awe Of Imagination
24 x 18 x 4
Cast Glass, Video

The Guardian/The Watcher
Cast poly Vitro, Video
18 x 24

There are two videos in this piece: One left, one right. Each is of an eye peering through a peephole, the other a girl in negative, spinning in a dress
The Next 50 Years Begin Now....
Blown and Cast Glass, Found Objects, LED
25 x 14 x 8

Inside the smaller dome are shards from the original piece. On top of that is a small man holding a large video screen, playing that video. The finial on the outer dome is a bust of Dale Chihuly. The surface of the outer dome has been etched with the history of Dale Chihuly, his importance to the arts, and ends with his lawsuit against his former assistant for knocking him off.

The Oculus Of The Titanic
18 x 16 x 2
Cast Glass, Video

The imagining of an intricately carved porthole in the Titanic and the view from today

The Sea Always Filled Her With Longing
15 x 23 x 4
Wood, Glass, Video

The cast glass panel in front is cast with lenses, each one refracting the video image of the gently rolling sea behind the glass.
The Shadow Nation
Cast poly Vitro, Video
18 x 24

 There are two videos in this piece: One left, one right... each is of an eye peering through a peephole, presumably at each other

Tread Softly, You Tread On My dreams
16 x 16 x 4
Cast Poly-Vitro, Video

This piece writes then unwrites over and over this line from the famous poem, making each work important... and mesmerizing to watch.

Violet Infinity
16 x 16 x 4
Cast Poly-Vitro, Glass, Lighting

An entirely illuminated infinity piece