Saturday, October 31, 2020

2021 Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant

 Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is pleased to announce the 2021 Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant opportunity for mid-career artists.  The purpose of this grant, established by San Francisco-based jewelry collector Susan Beech, is to recognize a mid-career artist who has made a substantial contribution to the field and to provide resources to develop and implement a significant jewelry-related project that the artist would not otherwise have the ability to undertake.

The 2021 Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant is open to makers between the ages of 35 and 55 at the time of the proposal deadline, and must have an active and ongoing record of activity in the field. 

The proposed project should be about jewelry, loosely defined. There must be a specific outcome to the project, and it must be completed within a two-year time frame. Examples could include (but are not limited to) creation of a new body of work; a book, catalog, or other publication; research and development (including travel study); performance art involving jewelry; or an educational/social initiative involving jewelry. A proposed budget must be included as part of the proposal. 

A proposal that was previously submitted may be submitted again.

The grant recipient will receive a cash grant of $20,000, to be paid over the two years in which the project will be implemented.

Grant proposals must include:

  • A biography of the artist 
  • A project proposal outlining the project, including an explanation of how the grant will help support the artist’s work and career and enhance the field  
  • A detailed budget 
  • A project proposal portfolio of five - ten images that support/define/clarify the project proposal 

The jury of distinguished professionals for this grant cycle will be: grant founder and collector Susan Beech (United States); internationally recognized maker and educator, Daniel Kruger (Germany); and curator of jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Emily Stoehrer (United States). 

The deadline to apply is midnight, MST (Denver, CO, USA), on January 10, 2021. More information and complete guidelines can be found at

Friday, October 30, 2020

Colton’s Time Machine: Book 4

 Colton’s Time MachineBook 4: Betsy Ross, Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty 

by Rebecca Massey

Time travel books have always been a favorite of mine, ever since I read Heinlein’s masterpiece “The Door Into Summer” when I was 8 or 9. As a result of that preference, I knew that I would enjoy reading Rebecca Massey’s series of children books in her series “Colton’s Time Machine” and I wasn’t disappointed when I started with book 4 in the series.

Colton is a young boy who has a bunch of dragons as friends – read Colton’s Pocket Dragon books for that series. In this time travel series, a spin-off the original series – he wants to expose the dragons to a little American history, so he builds a machine to time travel and off we go.

Concurrently with my reading the books, I also had my son Anderson – who was 10 at the time – read them and give me his impressions. He liked them, and because Anderson is already a history buff, he enjoyed learning the somewhat deep in the weeds facts that Massey likes to communicate in the stories.

Anderson and I agreed on that aspect – if one enters the make believe reality of the fact that these are aimed at children to start with, and if one sets aside the pedantic tendencies of the Virgo that I am (I was bothered by the facts that the historical people that Colton visits seem to immediately accept time travel and the existence of dragons with little resistance… but we overlooked that and did enjoy the learning parts cleverly woven into the narrative.

One thing that did bother us was the static quality of the illustrations. While no credit is given to the illustrator, it appears to me that they are computer generated illustrations, which while the serve the basic goal of an illustration – to “illustrate” a passage in the story – they felt and looked computer-generated and lacked the individuality of a human-made illustration. My apologies in advance if these were indeed hand-made by a human… I would check the DNA for Vulcan blood.

We learned a lot and that’s all that counts… really. We learned what the 12 folds in the proper way to fold an American flag mean – something that after serving almost 23 years in the US Navy I actually never knew; we learned the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, and we learned that Betsy Ross eventually made six more flags after the first one.

We also learned the spectacularly cool name of the Mount Rushmore sculptor, and the “secret room” that he started to carve into the mount. Colton’s liking of sculptors then leads the reader to Bertholdi’s Lady Liberty (we did know his name) and the story behind what is perhaps the most famous statue in the modern world.

In summary, this book is both immensely readable and superbly informational to get your little tyke ahead of his peers when it comes to cool aspects of American history and how easy it is to believe in dragons.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hotel California painting at auction!

 This may be of interest (or not!) to some collectors who like unusual art - a very early 1976 (pre-art school) and very weird painting of mine based on the Hotel California song! - super low starting bid!

Hotel California - c. 1976 by Campello

The link for the work may be found:

If anyone is interested in bidding, they will need to register in advance.

It's at:

Weschler's Auctioneers and Appraisers

T (202) 628-1281
F (202) 628-2366

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The great Frank Frazetta


UNDER $500 Call for Entry


UNDER $500

Deadline: November 13, 2020

Full Prospectus and Application HERE

Have your work noticed and purchased by local buyers & collectors, just in time for the holidays! Maryland Art Place (MAP) is seeking artists for “UNDER $500”, our upcoming winter benefit exhibition. Artworks will be exhibited at MAP Saturday, December 12, and Sunday, December 13, 2020, for a first-come-first-serve, ticketed, a two-day event that will promote the sale of artwork by artists in the Maryland region. Artwork will then be featured ONLINE – for a virtual sale running Tuesday, December 15 – Saturday, December 19. Event Details to follow.

The exhibition will include approximately 1-3 works by each artist (scale dependent – in the case of smaller works more than 3 pieces may be accepted). Each individual piece will retail for $500 or less. Participating artists will receive one free ticket to the event. Artists who plan to attend must RSVP, please email to reserve your spot!  Selected artists will be issued an UNDER $500 profile form to fill out inquiring anecdotal information to help better engage patrons with the artists and their work. UNDER $500 is MAP’s winter benefit. Proceeds from the sale of artwork will be split 50/50 between Maryland Art Place and the artist.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ending 2020


Gallery B Presents

Ending 2020
By Judy Gilbert Levey and Sara Leibman

Gallery B (if master Marc Elrich pleases) will host an exhibit by Bethesda-based artists Judy Gilbert Levey and Sara Leibman that will be on display throughout November and December 2020. “Ending 2020” will feature paintings by Judy and Sara, who are both Studio B artists, from November 6 – December 19, 2020.

Judy Gilbert Levey is a local, plein air oil and studio painter. Judy began focusing on art full-time after working in an office and craving a career change. She became a member of the Foundry Gallery in Washington, D.C. in 1998. Judy's paintings capture local scenes, her personal travels and outdoor beauty. Sara Leibman is an artist and a lyricist from Chevy Chase, MD. Primarily painting with oil and cold wax, she also incorporates different media, including collage and yupo paper into her work.

Gallery B is located in downtown Bethesda at 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E.
The Bethesda Metro is two blocks south of the gallery, and public parking garages are located on Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road.

Gallery Hours:
Nov. 6 - Dec. 19
Friday - Saturday, 12 - 4pm

*Social distancing will be enforced and face masks must be worn by all visitors.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

New York Mets artwork

When I was a kid in Brooklyn, my dad and I used to be great New York Mets fans, and we'd go to Shea Stadium several times a year to watch the amazing Mets!

I also saw several of the 1969 playoff games and 3 World Series games that year!

While I was a student at the University of Washington School of Art, I often used the Mets' superstars of my youth as inspiration for class assignments... here's a couple below...

Nolan Ryan - Pen and ink on paper, circa 1979 by F. Lennox Campello
Nolan Ryan
Pen and ink on paper, circa 1979 by F. Lennox Campello

Tom Seaver - Limited Edition etching circa 1980 by F. Lennox Campello
Tom Seaver
Limited Edition etching circa 1980 by F. Lennox Campello

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Sailor and his date


A Sailor and his date - a 1986 US Navy cartoon by F. Lennox Campello
A Sailor and his date
1986 US Navy cartoon by F. Lennox Campello

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Last Unicorn

 This is "The Last Unicorn", I did it as a commission for a private printing of the book by the same name... around 1978 when I was a student at the University of Washington School of Art.

The Last Unicorn, c. 1978 by F. Lennox Campello
The Last Unicorn
Watercolor on paper
16x24 inches, c. 1978 by F. Lennox Campello

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Analog: Hand Printed Silver Gelatin Photo Collages by Adrienne Moumin

 Portico Gallery is hosting a mini artist reception for Adrienne Moumin only allowing 12 guests plus 4 staff/volunteers not to exceed 16 people total. At check-in, the gallery staff will take temperatures with a non-contact thermometer and everyone will need to have a mask or face covering and maintain social distancing. You MUST have a ticket to attend. Masks/face coverings are mandatory while inside the actual gallery. We will serve drinks outside on the portico and maintain social distancing while socializing.

Portico Gallery is unique in that we have three sets of double doors that open onto a portico (covered porch) that runs the length of the gallery. This will enable guests to access the outdoors, have fresh airflow throughout the gallery, and enable safe distances from one another.

We have already hosted one mini-reception and it was very successful and everyone had a good time.

As we will be socializing outdoors please dress for a lovely October evening. 

Please only reserve a ticket(s) if you plan to attend. (you are able to get a plus one ticket) - Reserve the tickets here.

Portico Gallery

3807 Rhode Island Avenue

Brentwood, MD 20722

Thursday, October 01, 2020



Now On View at Transformer

Organized by Transformer and Queer Threads curator John Chaich, Queer Threads: CURIOUS SPACES features solo artist installations by emerging queer artists Zoe Schlacter at Transformer and André Terrel Jackson at The Corner at Whitman-Walker.

As social distancing continues to refine exhibition experiences, audiences are invited to engage with featured artworks through each venues’ storefront windows.

Zoe Schlacter


September 26 – November 14, 2020


1404 P Street NW

Visible like a diorama through Transformer's storefront window, Zoe Schlacter invites us into an exuberant, stylized, textured world. In this site-specific installation, the Brooklyn-based, Nashville-raised artist embraces everyday craft materials, reimagines traditional textile mechanisms, and celebrates the queer, creative impulse. Yarns extend from hand-made, wall-mounted, loom sculptures as paper mâché sculptures and fabric paintings dart across the floor.

Referencing the playfulness of Memphis design and plasticity of objects of art and pleasure, Schlacter employs the sharpness of graphic design to wink at the perception of sexually graphic content. Through negative and positive space, they explore ideas of (w)holeness, visibility, and mending. Trans/forming the gallery by deconstructing the language of weaving, Schlacter embraces the potentiality of queer identity, style, and connection through fiber, form, and space.


Zoe Schlacter is an interdisciplinary artist and designer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Schlacter earned their BFA in textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design, where they learned both traditional crafts and contemporary design skills. Read full artist bio at