Sunday, December 29, 2013


PBS Newshour has a very cool interview that features Sebastian Stant, the very young New York-based entrepreneur who is also the owner of Mayer Fine Arts (which represents my artwork); check it out online here.

Jody Mussoff

Jody Mussoff
Legendary DMV artist Jody Mussoff is offering all kinds of terrific vintage artwork (including some brilliant ceramics) at great prices... Check them out here.

Her amazing work was included in the exhibition Graphic Masters III, held at the Smithsonian Institution's American Art Museum in 2010, and has been exhibited at many museums and galleries, including:

Great idea

From Jesse at ardc... another most excellent idea:
I love buying art. It's an exhilarating experience to find a work, learn about the artist, and make an educated decision to purchase a work of art. I find it to be equally exciting to see a work, and make a crazy gut leap of faith and pull out my credit card and buy it! Oh beleive me yes, I do have a list of artists who I need to buy from, that I haven't yet!

So you're asking, are you going to buy my art? If you read these emails, there's a small possibility. If you are involved in the exhibitions and art projects we develop, the possibility gets higher. If you make amazing work, the chances are even higher.  That said, those who know me, understand my volume of art purchases are limited. I buy what I can afford, and I think that's an interesting fact that many of us share in common. Art collection is no longer an "elite only" experience. Everyone can own a work of art.

Before this note runs on into a confession, or another pitch, I'd like to say that I really do think the acquisition of art is a valuable and very important experience.

I've wanted to share this mentality with the world, which is why I started the site .  It's time for the site to grow!

I'm looking for people who buy art, small or large, affordable, or expensive. 

No, I don't want to sell art to you. (Well ok, if you see something, in one of our shows, I'll be glad to help). I need to find a few people who buy art, and would like to write about the experience on 

I'm not looking for a scholarly tome, but a few thoughtful paragraphs about the art work that you've recently purchased, and some images of the work. 
I'd expect that the writing would be relatively well written. I do think this is a fun and exciting process, or I wouldn't do it. There's something great about sharing the passion about acquiring art.
Take a look at my site, and let me know if you are interested, and we can talk further about expectations.  To start, the focus should be on contemporary art, the process of acquisition, who you bought it from, the artists, and links to the gallery and artists.
I'd like to see a bit of a track record. That is, email me a bit about your collection.  Take a look at the link above to read more about mine.
Drop me an email to talk further about this.  Food for future thought, are owning art and collecting it the same thing? If you have a friend who you think might be into this, please do forward this note.

 Cheers and thanks,