Friday, May 24, 2013

Call for Manuscripts and Portfolio Proposals

From the VASA Journal on Images and Culture:

The advent of the Internet and digitization of the image has brought about what appears to be a debatable democratization of the medium of photography. The 'WWW' has expanded what images we experience and the way we experience them. It changed the avenues for the embodiment, dissemination and consumption of images, opening new channels for expression, participation and exchange.

The form and function of more traditional photography gatekeepers such as curators, book editors and publishers, museums and galleries, has been challenged by websites/galleries, blogs, and online publications as open platforms. As a result a serious viewer is now required to look harder and broader through the maze of images online.

1. The editors of VJIC are accepting proposals manuscript, for Issue #4 (September 2013) that address, but is not limited to, the following topics:

- The challenge to traditional institutions – what role for galleries and museums;
- The democratization of the medium of photography: implications for practice and access;
- The movement of marginalized or ghettoized voices towards visibility;
- Curators of / in the Internet era;
- Bloggers – voice or chaos;
- Erik Kessels – case study;
- Online communities – case studies: e.g. Flickr, Instagram, FlakPhoto;
- Snapshot as Art;
- Image search engines as gatekeepers; (ie: Taryn Simon and Aaron Swartz 'Image Atlas')

For proposal information refer to VJIC submissions or email issue editors, please include ' Your name + Issue #4 theme issue proposal manuscript' [see bellow].

2. The editors of VJIC are accepting Portfolio proposals for Issue #4 (to be published September 2013) that are:

- inspired by the Internet (e.g. found photography, gifs, video, online archives, Internet cameras, Google and other search engines, social media, etc.)
- created to be exhibited exclusively on the Internet

The proposal has to include:

- a 100 word description of the project
- a link to where it is accessible online (a blog, website, social media, tumblr, flickr etc.). Do not send attachments (no pdfs or jpegs).
- address on the email 'Subject' line 'Issue #4 PORTFOLIO PROPOSAL' followed by your name

Send the proposal to the issue editors:

Katarzyna Majak: majak.katarzyna [at]
Rui G. Cepeda: cepeda.rui [at]