Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Opportunities for Artists

Non-DCCAH Calls for Artists (lifted from the DCCAH website:

Washington Area Visual Artists Registry

From Bill Roseberry:
Dear D.C. Artists,
I am in the very initial stages of compiling an historical comprehensive registry of Washington Area Visual Artists from pre-1800's to the present.
Besides names and dates, I wish to focus particularly on studio locations in and around the D.C. Metropolitan area, the neighborhoods they lived and worked, and other cultural and educational affiliations artists had or participated in.
I understand that this will be a very large project. But it is my wish that with enough individual responses and support I can demonstrate the need for institution support and funding in desire to create a larger centrally-located, interactive database with links to individual artists archives.
It simply seems to me that we need a shift in the balance the focus of research and funding in the arts from the end-product (objects on display and in collections) to the artist and his or her active community and primary means of moral and creative support.
To this end I have created this short survey to fill out and return:

Please feel free to copy and share the form to as many D.C area artists (including former and current art students) you know and have contact with and ask them to return it. The more responses there are the better likelihood we can revive and reinvigorate the culture of artists in D.C. to fill the cracks and holes in the shared legacy that we've all contributed to create.
If you have ideas and suggestions please email me at bill.roseberry@gmail.com

I would very much appreciate your feedback.
If you know of a deceased artist and can enter the following information please feel free to do so on a separate form.
Also visit and invite artist friends to visit https://www.facebook.com/WashingtonDCAreaArtistsHistorical…/ for updates.
Thank you.