Wednesday, April 26, 2006


To our own Samantha Wolov (who will be soon moving to the Left Coast), as one of her photographs will be on the cover of "Best Women's Erotica 2007" from Cleis Press.

Connie Imboden at Heineman Myers

As most of you know, over in hard-to-find Bethesda, a new independent fine arts commercial gallery opened last month, Heineman Myers Contemporary Art, directed by the energetic Zoe Myers, who chose well-known Baltimore photographer Connie Imboden’s photographs for her grand opening exhibition.

Untitled # 11159 by Connie Imboden
And Zoe Myers definitely stacked the deck for the grand opening, for Imboden’s photographs are absolutely spectacular.

In addition to the breath-taking photographs, there’s also a video that shows Imboden at work, and before any critic or writer pens a word, this video is a "must watch." In the video we discover Imboden, working the pool, the cameras, the models and the mood; we also listen as she describes and discusses what she is trying to achieve.

"These images are seen through the camera, they are not manipulated in the darkroom or computer. I am often amazed at the shapes and forms that have appeared in my work.

My intention has always been to explore the body, not to alter it. I want to find the camera angle from which the forms can be the most that they can be-whatever that is. If it is a grace to the limbs, then I want the angle from which that grace becomes the absolute most it can be at that moment.

And so it leads me on, to explore angles, space, reflections, and light. I strive to make forms make sense visually, and trust that the metaphor, the poetry will follow."
Why is the video a must-watch? Because unless one watches Imboden at work (the photographs are all taken around, in or under water), and listens to Imboden discussing her work, it would be easy for less-than-patient jaded critics to fall under the trap that these are photographs that use water to deliver a gimmicky visual image.

They are not.

These are photographs that celebrate the human body, in all its imperfect and yet sensual bits and pieces. And this celebration of sensuality and Eros and moisture is highlighted by the immense ability of water to distort, redirect and sexualize any and everything that it caresses, especially a nude body.

And in that moment in time, when Imboden presses the shutter and captures an image of light and flesh, she also captures the moment when a seed of sensuality will be place inside the mind of a future viewer, who will admire the photographs behind the safe glass of a solid frame and in the white cube of a shiny new gallery.

If you enjoy the many beautiful thoughts that viewing the human body can create, do not miss this show. The exhibition runs through May 13, 2006.