Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sunday in Miami Beach: Art Basel Week - The Last Day!

Today is the last day of the fair week - and as usual... here's my morning photo from the 16th floor of Bel Aire!

Over at Pulse, the slight tension of the last day is palpable in the air, as galleries which have done well and galleries which have not send their vibes through the air.

My "Bisque wall" has done well over the days of the fair - over 40 pieces have sold!

. Lennox Campello's Bisque wall at Pulse Art Fair Miami Beach 2019
Campello Bisque wall at Pulse Art Fair Miami Beach 2019
Janis's major piece finds a collector - as I suspect that as soon as the red dot goes on, the two interior designers who have been considering it will have alarm bells ring in their heads.

Soon it is 5PM and the fair ends and packing and loading begins, and the dance between bubble wrap, cardboard, accompanied by the music of tape dispensers rules the fair and another year of Art Basel week is about to end.

For some, preparations for 2020 are already beginning.