Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Looking for a sponsor

 Maybe we can find this artist a sponsor  --   I kinda like the fresh, open approach?

Dear Sir 

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Karema Karissa and I'm an artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. I write to you seeking patronage in order to continue my career in art. I seek your patronage for many reasons that will benefit both of us, to be honest, mostly me as I am in need. I'll start by telling you a bit more about myself and the work I do.

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2013 I graduated from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa with a bachelor's degree in commerce majoring in marketing. Upon graduating I ventured into a career in art as this has been my interest since I was 8 years old. Throughout the years I have tried different mediums and techniques. In 2019, I finally established my own niche and launched my website in 2020.

My niche is modern art with modern techniques. I apply smooth layer upon layer with wax based Prismacolor colored pencils, ink vector patterns and gold acrylic paint to create unique high quality skyscape and arabic calligraphy pieces.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to sell to the point that I would be able to earn a living entirely out of my talent. I truly believe in my talent and my aim is to make a name for myself as a great talent of my time. To book my place in history as an artist who showed dedication, character, hard work and exceptional talent in his niche. I would like to live out my life creating art.

I priced my work low in order to survive but surviving is not living. Out of 101 pieces currently I have sold 12 in 2 years for a total of $650. My artwork was priced $140 each on my website but I believe it is worth so much more. Thus I have disabled purchases on my website as I now seek a patron for this collection of artworks. It has taken me a whole lifetime of ups and downs, failures, progress, learning and unlearning, to get to this level of skill. 22 years to be precise. Prior to my website launch and the establishment of my niche, I sold over 60 pieces of art since the official launch of my art career in 2013. But not at a price enough to make a living. I do believe that I am an exceptional talent. All I need is someone to believe in me.

You can visit my Instagram page @karesh_art. If you scroll down my page while checking the dates you will see that I have been constantly working on my craft. I can producing 5 to 8 pieces a month. All of them are beautiful, similar yet unique in their own way.  My goal is to create one of the largest bodies of artworks in my niche. I have done 101 pieces so far, I would like to get to 1000 God willing. I am passionate about my work, I love what I do. Unfortunately my work has stalled because of financial constraints and lack of time. I have had to seek other sources of income to cater for my living expenses. This has taken up the time I had to work on my craft. Thus I am in need of your assistance to save and maintain my career.

A short description of my work is as follows: The skyscapes/seascapes are inspired by the mystery that's above us and below us. Whenever I look up to the sky I'm amazed at the possibilities of what could be out there in the universe. Same goes for the ocean, so much of it is yet to be explored. The vast array of amazing creatures, plants, mountains and trenches. So much more than the eyes can see. Another inspiration is the general beauty of the sky and the ocean. How they both change with different times, seasons and tides. We live on a beautiful planet and we are responsible for its preservation.

My Arabic calligraphy is inspired by the need to educate on Islam, sending reminders to my Muslim brothers and sisters and the beauty of the Arabic language. It's my way of giving back and spreading peace and love to a people that are greatly misunderstood.

Historically, people in positions of power like kings, queens and wealthy people funded all types of visual artists. They guaranteed financial security to artists giving them an opportunity to earn a living while creating art. They would do so through patronage. This increased value and security and shaped artists to be viewed as people possessing unique skills that warrant respect, admiration and payment. This earned these individuals the title 'Patron of the Arts' as they stood out as those who are capable of supporting artistic talent. With their passion for talent and philanthropy they changed the lives of many artists and paved the way for growth of the art industry over the years shaping it to what it is today.

I therefore seek your patronage to save my career, to give me an opportunity to achieve my goals and to help me realize my full potential. Your patronage is going to have great benefits for me. My career is currently at risk and your assistance would help me maintain it. 

You will be helping me realize my dream just like every other athlete, actor, musician and so on who have had the opportunity to earn through their talent and hard work. This will give me the freedom to practice my craft for the rest of my life. I will be able to afford a better studio space, better supplies, better recording equipment, preservation of my artwork and so much more. I will be able to cater for travel expenses to attend exhibitions and mentorships in order to improve my career. I have received invites to exhibit my artwork and mentorship opportunities by masters of art but I lost the opportunities as I could not afford the travel expenses. Art can be capital intensive sometimes. I will have the opportunity to teach my craft and pass down the knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. I would like to help improve my community through my talent. The benefits are many. The world is full of people with different sets of skills. Some doctors, lawyers, bankers, footballers...Art is what I'm good at, so I'm asking you to grant me this opportunity.

I reach out to you because of your capabilities and I do believe this is where I can find someone capable of granting me the assistance I need. The values you uphold and your drive are a great inspiration. It would be an honour to secure your patronage. 

The benefit to you is first off, the delight of helping someone in need. You will also be an important part of my journey. An artistic journey I will be on, for the rest of my life God willing. You will be the patron who set the stage for me to become a great artist of his age. You will be a 'Patron of the Arts' for my collection and I will not let you down in making sure that your contribution is well placed. You will be amongst those who support people with unique talents in society in these times where talent has developed high consideration. If you give me this opportunity I will not waste it.

My proposal is that you purchase my whole collection of current artworks. They are 92 in total, 17 by 17 cm artworks. 68 skyscapes and 24 arabic calligraphy artworks. This will give me a lot of breathing space. I propose you  purchase them at $3,000 each. A total of $276,000 for the whole collection. This is for a skill that has been 22 years in the making. This will give me the opportunity to pursue and achieve my goals God willing. I do believe my work is worth it and so much more. I do believe you won't be disappointed when you see them. I lay great emphasis on quality. You can view the collection on my website, portfolio page.

The pieces can be kept in a private collection. They can be kept in a corporate collection. They can be hung all over the walls of your company premises. Art has been known to create an inspiring work environment for employees. The pieces can be given as gifts to family. They can be given to employees as gifts for appreciation. Amongst many other uses of Art.

Art is also an increasing asset. If you invest in my talent you will have a valuable asset in your hands. My success in the art industry, God willing, will also increase it's value. As the years go by the value of the asset keeps increasing. Recently a 2.75 by 2.75 inch sketch by Da vinci sold for 12 million dollars. Companies such as UBS have a collection of upto 35,000 artworks. I have attached a comprehensive report by Dr. Clare McAndrew, founder of Art Economics for the year 2022. This detailed report reveals the kind of value the art industry holds together with the shifts as per the market environment. Granting me your patronage will be a worthy investment that will benefit you in the short term and the long term. It will secure a future for generations to come. 

This is not entirely about the money though. This is about gaining the freedom to practise my craft. Something I have worked on for years and I feel I have earned it. I feel it is time I got the platform to truly realise my full potential. That platform is my freedom. With the limited time I currently have, I am already working on a new collection of artworks to keep my career a float. But it's my dream to be able to do this full time. Some of the piece are already available for purchase on my website.

Upon securing your patronage, my next step will be to find a mentor who is already established in the art industry. Someone who will guide me on how to introduce and maintain  my brand in the international art industry amongst many other benefits of mentorship. I seek to use this achievement of securing patronage to secure mentorship from a master of art. Your patronage will improve my reputation and grant me the resources to pursue this goal. I also have the option to reach out to the masters of art who had previously agreed to mentor me as I'll have the funds to meet the financial demands. I am also still in contact with the international art galleries that have invited me to work with them. All that's left is the financing. You're welcome to follow up on my progress anytime and as much as you please.

The artworks will be delivered as per your request. The pieces are not framed but are well packaged, secured and ready for delivery to the address you will provide. 

I welcome any proposal you have. Or any terms and conditions you may have. I have attached my art C.V with references and I can provide sample images of my artworks. You can also view the collection on my website, portfolio page. Videos of the creation of the piece are available on my Instagram highlights, page name @karesh_art. I am willing to provide any documentation that you need for authentication. I truly am in need of assistance thus I reach out as far as I can. I hope you shall consider my proposal.

I apologize for the long e-mail. Thank you in advance


Karema Karissa