Tuesday, December 01, 2015

ABMB Week: VIP Opening night

After a dozen hours of so of intensive work... we're ready for opening night: 5-10PM. Photos by J. Jordan Bruns.

The crowds, booze and small food begins to circulate, tightly-dressed women in lethal-looking six inch heels begin their improbable strolls with plastic wine glasses in their manicured hands; third generation Cuban-American girls, four or five inches taller and 25 pounds lighter than their political refugee grandmothers, and slim as rifles, shoot selfies in front of the artwork and languages from all over the world comment on the art.

We almost immediately sell Dulce Pinzon's very last Superman photo. It is followed by a sale of one of DC artist Tim Vermeulen.

Sculpture by Alma Selimovic
Tim Vermeulen at Context
Outside one of the five giant tents that make up Art Miami and Context Art Miami in Wynwood