Friday, August 03, 2012

Arkin at Long View

Long View Gallery presents “Pattern Transformation”, by Sondra N. Arkin

August 23 – September 23, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 23, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Washington DC – Long View Gallery is pleased to announce Pattern Transformation, an exhibition by local artist Sondra N. Arkin on Thursday, August 23, 2012, with a public reception from 6:30-8:00pm. The exhibit will remain on view through September 23, 2012.

Sondra N. Arkin has spent years perfecting her encaustic techniques through countless art experiments. Her process-driven work requires bursts of concentration, hours of labor, and an unmatched focus on repetitive tasks. The failures and successes of her experiments provide invaluable data that have influenced the direction her work has taken in Pattern Transformation.

In Pattern Transformation, Arkin builds upon her mastery of wax to include the results of her experiments with both shellac and walnut ink. The transparency of the wax and shellac combined with the opaque walnut ink allows Arkin to build up layers of interest through mark making. Her mark making techniques with the walnut ink are traditional, but she has found inspiration in a less conventional mark making tool – fire. Torching away portions of the shellac, or drawing with fire, help to build depth through every layer.

The central works of Pattern Transformation (Permutations Toward Infinity 1-50) offer a Mandelbrot fractal-like beauty. Each group of nine images presents a virtually infinite potential of visual patterns. Each grid, not just interchangeable but rotatable to all four orientations, can be rearranged into a vast number of aesthetically viable patterns—with the absolute permutations from any single grid being over 95 billion.

Arkin has not strayed from the shapes and patterns of which we have become accustomed, lines and circles still make up the bulk of her markings. The patterns feel familiar yet the work is transformed. Her experiments with shellac and walnut ink, and her ability to recreate their successes, have taken her encaustic paintings to new heights. Arkin’s new mark making techniques, the often-innumerable layers of abstract patterns and the growth of her color palette each contribute to the work’s transformation. Pattern Transformation establishes a new period in the encaustic work of Sondra N. Arkin.

Pattern Transformation is the first solo show for Sondra N. Arkin since Long View Gallery’s re-opening in October of 2009. Her work is included in public and private collections including Bloomingdales, Washington, DC, the Copenhagen Residence through the Art in Embassies Program, Copenhagen, Denmark and the Donatelli Corporation, Bethesda, MD. Arkin received her MA from Florida Atlantic in 1984 and currently lives and works in Washington, DC.