Monday, June 11, 2012

When They Were Kids

Elyse Harrison has 37 great interviews of AOM artists; she writes:
With Artomatic 2012 fast approaching, I decided to do a special edition of “When They Were Kids: Artists Talk About Their Childhoods”.  Those of us familiar with Artomatic know that wandering through the endless maze of art installations can easily numb you, but in a weirdly amusing way. This time with camera and voice recorder in hand I was ready to plunge into the swarm and see who I could find to answer this question:
Think back to your childhood, somewhere between the ages of around 5-10 years old. Is there a memory you would describe as a moment that informed you of your own creativity?
Check them out here.

Opportunity for Artists

Deadline: August 31, 2012 by 6PM

Hillyer Art Space is currently looking for local DC Metro area artists and international artists to submit work for solo shows for the 2013-2014 exhibiition year.
Proposals must include the following materials:
  • Minimum of 5 images with a Maximum of 10 submitted on a disc or by email as a high resolution JPEG* (please save each of the images with their corresponding title—minimum resolution accepted is 1920x1080 pixels)
  • A complete checklist of works containing the title, year, medium, and dimension of each work
  • Resume including address, email, phone number, education, and any previous exhibitions (with clear indications whether it was solo or group)
  • Artist statement or exhibition narrative not to exceed one page
  • *Minimum accepted resolution on images is 1920x 1080 pixels.
Submissions Due August 31, 2012 by 6:00pm
  • DC Metro area artists cannot have had a solo show within the past three years
  • International artists have no restrictions on exhbition history but must be currently living abroad
Artists may deliver proposal materials via mail or email. If mailed, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your materials returned.
Mail Submissions to:
Hillyer Art Space
attn: Samantha May
9 Hillyer Court NW
Washington DC 2008
Or Email them to: