Wednesday, May 07, 2014

An Open Letter from East City Arts

For the past four years, we have covered the visual arts in NE and SE DC as well as the Gateway Arts District.  The ECA staff met on several occasions to discuss how we could best expand our coverage.  As a result we have decided to include the following areas:
  • Northern Prince George's County, MD
  • The "Mid-City" area of DC or as we like to call it "the East City of NW"
Starting this week, you will see articles and posts related to these areas.  In the Fall 2014 Quarterly, listings for Mid-City will be included in print.

We will continue to diligently serve our original coverage area and we will add a couple of new writers to ensure our content keeps pace with the expansion.

In the future look for the following:
  • An updated website (mid-2014) with posts organized by category (openings, classes, interviews, etc...)
  • Increased ECA Quarterly circulation
  • Notices of June meetings for public participation and feedback
  • The announcement of the creation of an East City Art nonprofit dedicated to expanding the reach of our region's visual arts movement via exhibiting opportunities and documentation through a small press
We greatly value your readership and your opinion here at East City Art. As we undertake this expansion please send us you feedback and comments on how we can serve you better or please attend one of our meetings in early June to discuss in person.

With warmest regards,
Phil Hutinet
Founding Publisher