Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At Gallery Har Shalom

Gallery Har Shalom announces the opening of the show titled "Abstract and Real, or Not." The show features the work of five artists--Felisa Federman, Potomac, MD; Amy Kincaid, Takoma Park, MD; Julia Latein-Kimmig, Potomac, MD; Nancy Pollack, Columbia, MD, and Joyce Zipperer, Springfield, VA.

The mixed media abstracts of Felisa Federman address the human struggle to understand the natural world around them. The work presents concepts including identity, classification and powerlessness. Her concern with “inventory control” of individuals resonates visibly throughout her work.

Collage abstracts created by Amy Kincaid are experiences in structured improvisation, influenced by and in the tradition of some forms of post-modern dance and performance. They also could be described as mixing or sampling, because they involve combining, reorienting, layering, and altering unrelated snips of existing images with paint and drawing, creating layers that are built, bit by bit, over time.
Julia Latein-Kimmig displays acrylic paintings that focus on a lively exchange of line and form, old and new, plain and color, starting off with a dialogue on canvas. She enjoys the process of introducing neglected, often discarded remnants of art and infusing them with new life by combining them with fresh new line work and brushstrokes.

Nancy Pollack crafts striking wearable necklaces with silver wire using crocheting and knitting techniques, including an antique tool for tube knitting. Her knitted wire work has been published in Belle Armoire magazine. Her current artistic challenge is to see how many different things she can make with a knitted wire tube.
As a sculptor, Joyce Zipperer presents work that focuses on women's shoes and adornments. Her work addresses how women, throughout history, have been lured and influenced by trends in fashion, often discounting comfort and health issues. Using metal to create the shoes underscores an uncomfortable fit of an alluring or humorous style that we simply must wear. The hats of metal and mixed media refer to styles from vintage to present day. Wearable they are not.
For further information and directions, please call the synagogue office at 301-299-7087.

Gallery Har Shalom, Har Shalom Congregation, 11510 Falls Road, Potomac, MD.