Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fine Lines Paint Jam

On April 30th from 12-7pm at 514 Rhode Island Ave NE, a 900 ft. long wall will be turned into a canvas divided between 100 artists from around the country. The painting will take place amid a backdrop of live music, free arts tutorials, art galleries, a bunch of other local arts organizations, food trucks, arts exhibitions, and a photo competition with a prize of $500.

Admission is free.

They're essentially turning an empty lot into a free playground for the arts and they’re welcoming other arts orgs, cuultural orgs, and vendors ranging from SpacyCloud and RedBull just to name a few.

More details later.

The Argument

For TBT... I was 14 or 15 when I did this piece...

These two women lived together in my neighborhood in Brooklyn; they were Roma people and thus we were always told to stay away from them by all the neighborhood mothers - of course, we did the opposite and they were my friends, and always seemed very mysterious to me as a teen.

They had no furniture in their apartment, slept in mattresses on the floor, always seemed to have a million people passing through, etc.

I did this piece from memory after dropping by one day and found them yelling at each other in their language... the naked one used to actually walk around the place nude in the summer (ahhh! the 70s), which was one of the main reason I used to hang around there... cough, cough

The Argument  c. 1970-1971, ink on paper, 16x20 inches  By F. Lennox Campello
The Argument
c. 1970-1971, ink on paper, 16x20 inches
By F. Lennox Campello