Friday, July 28, 2006


Friday is shaping out to be the key day of the year to go see what new talent two of our savviest gallerists out there have discovered in the way of new talent.

"Introductions 2" at Irvine Contemporary also opens the same night as Conner's Academy exhibition. "Introductions 2" features eleven recent graduates from MICA, Corcoran, American University and VCU.

Irvine's reception is also Friday Aug 4 6-8. This is a great night to see new talent at both Conner and Irvine.

Airborne today and heading to one of my favorites places on the planet: Seattle! ... more later.


Academy 2006, the 6th annual BFA/MFA invitational hosted by Conner Contemporary (and one of those recurring shows that should never be missed), opens next Friday, August 4th from 6-8pm.

This is an opportunity to see the best and brightest of our area's schools, as handpicked by one of our top gallerists.