Saturday, November 18, 2023


Glenstone,  Potomac,  MD

Together with the famfam I visited Glenstone last Friday -- first time that I have been there since the grand opening a few years ago.

Glenstone Visit,  Potomac,  Maryland

I was particularly interested in seeing Iconoclasts: Selections from Glenstone’s Collection, which as they note:

On long-term view, a selection of works drawn from the museum’s collection will is on view in the Gallery. The exhibition features more than 50 artists who have made some of the most radical contributions to art in the 20th century. Foundational collection artists—such as Willem de Kooning, Alexander Calder, Ruth Asawa, and Martin Puryear, among many others—are on view alongside new acquisitions, including Hilma af Klint’s Tree of Knowledge, 1913-1915.

While Marcel Duchamp's iconic "Fountain" is essentially the battle standard of any artist claiming to be an iconoclast (a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions), some of the other works in this most excellent collection are not really iconoclastish in my learned opinion.

FOUNTAIN by Marcel Duchamp
And a more sanguine person would add that later in life Dechamp de-iconoclastized himself and his art by succumbing to the k'chiing temptation of art and making reproduction after reproduction of the original "Fountain", which no one has any idea where it ended up at, but I suspect that it is still serving its original purpose in some bathroom in France.

But I digress.

The DMV's own Anne Truitt is also a member in good standing of the iconoclast gang and her piece in this show exemplifies why:

Anne Truitt at Glenstone

Others, such as Ellsworth Kelly - ah! not so much, especially his "Carmen Herrera did this waaaay before paintings."

But in essence, this show is spectacular and well worth the visit to the astonishingly beautiful Glenstone, a marvel of design and nature, in which I am always wondering how they prevent the deer from munching on Jeff Koons' "Split Rocker."

Split-Rocker by Jeff Koons