Saturday, February 27, 2016

Typewriter artist

This is simply amazing...

ABMB Week review

Just published! Check out my review (at Eclat International magazine) of the last Art Basel week, with a focus on LA galleries! A giant thanks to ├╝ber collector Ardis Bartle, who did most of the walking. Photos by L.B. Konopinski.

Review starts in page 18.

Debate: Should Art Galleries Split Commissions?

I recently received an email from an artist who ran into a bit of a dilemma (or at least she thought she did). She had been showing a piece of art in a gallery in her home town for a number of months. When the piece didn’t sell, she rotated the piece, along with several others, to a gallery out of town. A short time later, she received a call from the first gallery saying that a client had come in and was interested in purchasing this particular piece of art and wondered if it was still available.
The artist’s question to me was, “What should I do if the piece sells through the first gallery? Should I pay the second gallery part of the commission since it is now in their possession? How do I handle the situation without stepping on anyone’s toes?”
Read the whole thing here.

The 2016 Pothole Art Installation Project

Check out this amazing art project of this Chicago artist taking his set to the streets.

And let's just say that in the DMV we could use a few hundred of him!