Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Trekkie Sues Christie's

Hee, hee... you gotta read this.

Mr. Data

Brent Spiner as Mr. Data

Zulma Aguiar Favorite Artwork

Zulma Aguiar is at the leading edge of a new wave of electronic art talent now beginning to establish itself as the 21st century approaches the end of its first decade. And Zulma responds to my call for readers' favorite artwork. She writes:

Indigurrito by Nao Bustamante

Its a performance art piece where she strapped-on a burrito to her loins and called for white men to come up on stage, take a bite out of the burrito and absolve themselves of 500 years of the white man's guilt.

There was no shortage of enobled participants, who knelt in front of the protuding offering, some taking delicate bites, others deep-throated chunks.

Bustmante was quoted as saying, "This year I was told any artist of color must complete a performance based on 500 years of oppression in order to get funding."

Indigurrito Performance by Nao Bustamante