Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Affordable Art Fair NYC - The drive

Fair Ops for 2022 - drove to NYC today and unloaded at the loading dock of the Met Pavilion on 19th Street West with the usual union guys sitting around chewing the shit - three fat Italian guys, a couple of hardworking PRs and a Dominican or two -- no one really "working" but, then... it is NYC.

I unload boxes of artwork and store them away as I can't really set up until tomorrow.

Once unloaded, I park in the parking garage on 18th Street that weirdly enough doesn't really show up on any parking map - the South American dude who's been working there for years knows me well by now.

I almost have a heart attack walking my luggage over to the Chelsea Inn... there's a lot of weight being dragged and carried... my room is the size of my bed, but at least there's a tiny fridge and a shower and toilet! That alone is worth the almost thousand bucks - and it's only a couple of blocks from the fair.

Here's the van - all packed before the long drive to NYC.