Saturday, April 06, 2024


For decades now I have been observing and admiring the evolution of DMV √úberartist Pat Goslee, who has some gorgeous paintings in her unique and inimitable style in room 6090.

Over those decades, I've always found something really sensual, sensitive, and bordering on erotica in her marriage of Abstraction with forms and shapes and geometric designs, and stencils and colors...

Ages ago I dubbed that work as "vaginalism" in some review for some magazine or newspaper,  I also called it "vaginalia", and just outside the door from room 6090, is easily the greatest example of this field of art ever produced!

Painting by Pat Goslee at ARTOMATIC 2024

Reluctant Predator

I'm on duty at ARTOMATIC today, and as usual,  walking around into every single room and chastising the visitors who "see" the show by walking through the aisles and not going into the rooms!

In room 6002 there's very interesting work by an assemblage artist named Lee T. Wheeler and I particularly loved "Reluctant Predator" and "Terminator as a child."

Reluctant Predator by Lee T. Wheeler at Artomatic 2024
Reluctant Predator by Lee T. Wheeler in room 6002