Monday, October 17, 2011

Mark Jenkins

The last few weeks, at openings, at (e)merge and other artsy hangouts, I've noted that one interesting item of discussion has been the drastic and (I would add) positive change that Mark Jenkins' galleries writing in the Washington Post has brought to what had been not only mostly a negative view of nearly everything and anything that DMV galleries hung on their walls, but a very small universe of galleries covered by the former freelancer that used to write the Galleries column.

Jenkins has brought a refreshing set of new eyes (new but experienced, as this guy has been writing about DMV culture for years for the WCP) to the WaPo's visual arts coverage, and I for one, welcome this new byline to the Post's scant coverage of the DMV gallery scene.

And... this Mark Jenkins is not the same Mark Jenkins who is the famous street artist.