Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another DC gallery bites the dust

(Via) The Lamont Bishop Gallery, which just opened last year, is already closing its doors.

Furthermore, according to their landlord “They are 6 months in arrears in rent etc. and an eviction is forthcoming.”

“H@ndymen” - Balancing Work, Art, and Cultural Themes

Takoma Park Community Center Atrium Gallery will have a series of paintings by Silver Spring artist Harry Stone.

Harry Stone is a contractor/business owner/family-man by day, and an artist by night.

A self-taught painter in acrylics and oil who works from a studio in his suburban Silver Spring home, Harry spends free hours pouring over books on art, history, science, philosophy, and technology. He is interested in the way public figures become purveyors of pop culture, accepted theory, mass marketing, and popular opinion.

Harry’s paintings portray the tension of balancing contracting work, creative output, personal introspection, and social commentary. In his dozens of joyfully textured, patterned, and stylized portraits, Harry depicts one particular type of bearded male subject again and again. The hands depict the mood of the subject. His abstracted figures are often shown with tools of the construction trade alongside reference to art and mainstream culture. Harry’s purely intuitive approach is original, layered, and fresh; derivative of graffiti, primitively rendered.

Often using text in his paintings, Harry forges intellectual connections with the viewer by quoting and purposely misquoting accepted genius, referencing the ubiquitous presence of a Hollywood icon, or turning a familiar quote on its head. The text functions as both art and sub-caption. With a nod and a wink, Harry Stone acknowledges the prominence of original ideas, puts them into a new context, and challenges their permanence in today’s world.

Acrylic Paintings by Harry Stone will be featured in an exhibition at the Takoma Park Community Center Atrium Gallery, located at 7500 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park, MD, from March 16- May 10, 2012.

An artist’s reception will be held on Friday, March 23, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Atrium Gallery. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information contact:

Harry Stone, 240.476.7007
Alison Carr, 240.938.0457