Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On the air on Thursday

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Later this week (on Thursday, July 10, 2007) I'll be on the Kojo Nnamdi Show discussing the Greater Washington area visual arts and artists and art stories as I usually do once or twice a year. Tune in to WAMU 88.5 FM around noon - I'll be up around 1 o'clock together with my good friend Jeffry Cudlin from the Washington City Paper and Dr. Claudia Rousseau from the Gazette newspapers.

Wanna know where to get good affordable frames? Wanna know how to approach a gallery? Wanna know when the Friday openings are and where? Wanna know how to properly frame a photograph? Wanna know how to start an art collection? If you have any questions or art issues, you can call Kojo during the show at (800) 433-8850 or you can email me questions to kojo@wamu.org.

After the show I will post here all the websites and information that we discuss on the air.

Mad as Hell

Bailey is mad as hell not only at scumbag New Orleans politicians, but also furious at the increasing numbers of carpetbagging artists who are profiting off the misery of New Orleans.

According to Bailey, "Robert Polidori has now licensed the use of his Katrina imagery (most of the images published in his book were captured inside the homes of Katrina victims WITHOUT their permission, which is called trespassing everywhere in this country, for use in an anti-smoking campaign."

Details here.

Tapedude Update

It's no secret that I think that Mark Jenkins is one of the most original DC-based street artists. Over the years his tape creations have continued to amaze me and thousands of other pedestrians in cities around the world.

And Mark has been busy!

Check out some of his recent outdoor artwork here.

London street art installation by Mark Jenkins