Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

The Maryland State Arts Council just celebrated its 40th anniversary with an exhibit of work by 40 Maryland artists, curated by Oletha DeVane, through December 19, 2007.

Check out the exhibition here.

The Blogger Show Opening Video

James Kalm posted the below video about The Blogger Show opening in New York a few days ago.

I have this drawing in the show at a steal for $100 which will be all donated to the galleries to help with the costs of the show. Call Agni Gallery at 917/683-0643 if you want to buy it or email them at

In addition to showing the opening, the videographer talks to a lot of blogging artists about Charlie Finch's recent anti-blogger article.


Like nearly everyone on the proper level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I am very interested and concerned about green issues in general.

My wife is an alumni of Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC and because of that I am aware that all the construction going on there is on the leading edge of green architecture.

This is but one of many such projects going on around the nation. One of my cousins is one of 17 accredited "green" lawyers around the country, and she's now working with a task force to help counties and states "codify" the legal building codes of what makes a "green building."

I discussed with her that I thought that it would be ironic if "green buildings," once built, would then be filled with other enviromentally-colored objects, other than green, including art.

A green buildig full of possibly toxic objects? Does that muddy the "greenness" of the project?

I think so.

And thus a truly green project should whenever possible be then filled with green furniture, green appliances, etc.

Including green art.

In the Greater DC area, the only two green artists that I am familiar with are Erwin Timmers and Adam Bradley.

Both are exceptional sculptors who re-use artifacts, often discarded objects, to create works of art that are fresh and provocative. Both Timmers and Bradley have been doing this for years.

Timmers uses all kinds of objects, reuses common glass, etc. to deliver exceptionally intelligent sculptures which are so complex in character and materials that they are hard to label. See and hear Erwin discuss his work below:

Ever since he was an undergraduate student at GMU and then a graduate student at MICA, and now an Asst. Professor at a couple of DC area universities, Adam Bradley has been gathering metal and plastic car parts, rubber and other assorted junk and using them to create what can best be described as highly contemporary narrative works.

Cast Iron by Adam Bradley
"Cast Iron" by Adam Bradley. Circa 2001

I am sure that there are other green artists out there - if so, drop me an email and a website address and I'll try to highlight some of you.

Be Green.

Update: NBC4 on Erwin Timmers