Friday, November 25, 2011


Heading to Miami in the evening to participate in a couple of art fairs, but the one where I will be is the Aqua Art Fair in Miami Beach - almost right across the street from ABMB.

Anybody who will be in Miami for the art fairs and wants a free pass to Aqua, please drop me an email.

Xenophilia: Biomorphic Sculpture by Liz Lescault

Liz Lescault is an accomplished ceramic artist. Her sculptures reflect her mastery and exploration of organic forms daring the viewer to recognize where their inspiration originated.

The sculptures in her upcoming show Xenophilia at the Arts/Harmony Hall Regional Center (through Saturday, Dec. 24), according to her, 'is purposefully not identifiable as either animal, vegetable or mineral but encompasses many possibilities." Lescault’s work can be both beautiful and repelling in the same moment. Her sculpture is visually inviting, the surface may be velvety and smooth, the color deep and rich, often contradicting the viewer’s response to the form itself.

There's a sonic adjunct to the exhibition: "Recently I started playing with the idea of creating complimentary environments for my works to exist in, environments integral to the object that engage but never distract the viewer," she says. "My sculptures conjure objects of nature and natural objects exist in nature in an environment, a biosphere, as part of their surroundings. I decided to make sound my first venture into creating surroundings to envelope my work. The concept of the 'sound environment' is to bring a richer focus to the sculptural objects and a new dimension to the viewer’s experience where the environment is subtly and elegantly responsive to the viewer."

Arts/Harmony Hall Regional Center
10701 Livingston Rd.
Fort Washington, Maryland 30744