Thursday, August 04, 2011

Drawing: Opportunity for Artists

Herewith a Call for Artists to take part in an exhibition based on the theme of drawing. The title of the exhibition is "Drawing Connections" and brings artists from all over the world together to celebrate the act of drawing on a postcard-sized work.

Details here.

All work will be documented and exhibited during the inaugural exhibition of the Siena Art Institute, 24th Sept 2011. They will also make a free downloadable catalogue from the exhibition with the names of each of the artists, medium and title. A selection committee will choose the winning postcard to be published as the cover design for the exhibition catalogue.

What they request:

- Format: Artwork should be on a postcard-sized surface, paper, card, canvas or other material (15 x 10.5cm)

- Included with work a separate sheet of paper with title, name, date and medium.

- Entry Fee: None

- Title: Drawing Connections

- Medium: Any! Must fit within the dimensions of (15 x 10.5cm)

- Deadline: Sept 15th 2011

- Send to: Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Via Tommaso Pendola 37, 53100 Siena, Italy.

- Contact : &

Return of works: Work cannot be returned to the artist, unless you wish to make payment-on-delivery arrangements through UPS for the return of your postcard. At the end of the exhibition, the original pieces along with the label information will be collected into a bound portfolio to remain in the collection of the Siena Art Institute library.

Selection: While we intend to display all submitted postcards, we reserve the right to not display artwork with profane or pornographic imagery since the "Drawing Connections" exhibition will take place alongside our community arts programming.

Contact: Lisa Nonken
Phone: +39 0577 532001
Website: Click here