Thursday, October 13, 2011

You've just gotta read this!

Paula Cleggett, the Associate Director for Policy of The Curb Center for Arts, Enterprise, and Public Policy, Vanderbilt University, recently spent some time looking around the Greater Washington, DC area art scene and has just published one of the best articles, from the perspective of an outsider looking in, about the Greater DMV art scene that I've ever read:

Like most cities, artists, gallery owners, critics, curators, collectors and the curious weave a nebulous network to sustain a creative community. Unlike most cities, the DC art scene operates in the shadows of national monuments, free national art museums and internationally recognized art centers. Cities across the U.S. battle against the pervading myth that you can only make it as an artist in a culture-rich metropolis like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. True, DC has distinct offerings and challenges…but clear indications show that emerging artists don’t settle for DC, they choose DC.

This article explores:

How well does the region nurture emerging visual artists?
What efforts lead the way in opening new markets for local artists?
Are public and private support structures in place to attract and retain talented visual artists?
What does a Washington-based artist have to do to get noticed?
Read the whole article here.