Friday, July 14, 2023

Guess who's in the Washington Post today?

A few days ago I expressed my frustration here about the waste of print space in the WaPo's only column dedicated to our area's art galleries. Today the WaPo published my letter on the subject online and then in print in their Saturday issue.

Read it here.

Lenny Campello letter to the editor - Washington Post 2023

Arts Beat from 1999

Back from the past: When the WaPo used to have multiple columns looking at gallery shows:

In a group show at Georgetown's Fraser Gallery, "Salvador Dali: A Modern Homage to a Modern Icon," many works feature the artist himself, black eyes ablaze, famous waxed mustache in fine form. In synergy with his explosive, colorful works, Dali had a showman's personality and theatrical looks.

Read the piece by Nicole Lewis here.