Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Lilith Plotting

The Lilith Plotting  F. Lennox Campello c. 2016  14 x 38.5 inches  Charcoal and Conte on 300 weight paper
The Lilith Plotting (Detail)

F. Lennox Campello c. 2016
14 x 38.5 inches
Charcoal and Conte on 300 weight paper
The Lilith Plotting  F. lennox Campello c. 2016  14 x 38.5 inches  Charcoal and Conte on 300 weight paper
The Lilith Plotting
F. Lennox Campello c. 2016
14 x 38.5 inches
Charcoal and Conte on 300 weight paper

Silent Auction Fundraiser - Tonight!

JUNE 28, 2016, 5:00- 9:30 pm
7750 16th St NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20012

      Silent Art Auction - Delectable Bites - Wine - Music and MUCH MORE!
Ticket price is 
$45  undefined

Order two tickets   $90  undefined

And there are sponsorship opportunities... 

           For Tickets and information call 202-783-8005   202-783-2963    


Honorary Chairperson, Ward 4 Councilman, Brandon Todd. 
Councilman Todd previously worked in the Council office of The Honorable Muriel Bowser, Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Ron Nessen, former White House Press Secretary will be Master of Ceremony.
Mr. Nessen also served NBC News as a war correspondent during the Vietnam War.

ZCAF to Introduce Two New Programs!

Summer 2016 "Adult Hands' on Workshops" 

For DC young adults ages 18-24 
This educational program is being hosted by DC Arts Studios, 
A Ward 4 Art Non-Profit. 

Fall 2016 "After-School Hands' On Workshops" 
For DCPS teens ages 13-18
Through a ZCAF Partnership with District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)/DCPS Out-of-School-Time-Programs Office (OSTP).

The HOW DCPS after-school program is a series of career-focused arts classes are being Hosted Through a ZCAF Partnership with Columbia Heights Educational Complex (CHEC).
Both HOW programs have been endorsed by the DC Office of Employment Services/Youth Programs Office, whose mission is to provide Employment Services for residents ages 14-24. 

HOW is designed to encourage teens (ages 13-18) to develop career-focused skills, with a focus on careers in the arts, and will emphasize "soft skills" such as: healthy risk-taking, appropriate self-expression, time management, teamwork, and effective communication in a 60-hour program wherein participants develop a portfolio. ZCAF is an approved. "Out of School Time Program Provider" for DCPS. ZCAF maintains a site partnership with Columbia Heights Educational Complex (CHEC). Our HOW for DCPS students has been endorsed and funded (in part) by the DC Office of Employment Services/ Youth Programs Office.  HOW curriculum is be aligned with both the National Core Visual Arts Education Standards and the DCPS Arts Curriculum Standards and Cornerstones. 

Adult HOW is designed to get young adults (ages 18-24) on the path towards becoming an established, professional artist. Adult HOW is a 90-hour program, being hosted by the DC Art Studios, through a partnership we have with this Ward 4 non-profit. Adult HOW is funded (in part) by the DC Office of Employment Services. It too features a 60-hour portfolio development component that emphasizes the same concepts as the teen program, but expands the learning and includes many 30 hours of Arts Career Counseling, devoted specifically to getting participants jobs, apprenticeships, internships, and/or acceptance into an art school.

In a world inundated with a bewildering array of messages and meanings, an arts education also helps young people explore, understand, accept, and use ambiguity and subjectivity. In art as in life, there is often no clear or "right" answer to questions that are nonetheless worth pursuing. Such nuanced thinking is in high demand on the job site, and employers value an employee who is capable of understanding 'why' beyond simply, robotically following instructions and completing tasks mindlessly. Such workers are valued for their ability to communicate, to learn, and to problem-solve. 

ZCAF fosters alliances between artists, businesses, and government agencies such as: District of Columbia Commission for the
Arts and Humanities, the District of Columbia Public Schools/Out of School Time Programs, and the
District of Columbia Office of Youth Programs, Department of Employment Services