Sunday, July 01, 2007

America's Most Wanted Painting

At least according to the decade old Dia project undertaken by the zany art team of Russian artists Komar and Melamid (who hung around DC for a while in the 90s, although I can't recall where they exhibited).

In the project (which also covers "Least Wanted Painting" and it is specific to various countries), a professional survey team questioned people with questions such as "what is your favorite color?" (blue was the overwhelming US favorite by 44% with green coming in at a 12% second; both the Chinese and the Russians also went blue, green but not in such huge numbers, and even the usually difficult French went blue at 39%).

The survey was conducted in 14 countries, and some remarkable similarities in taste are clearly evident once you see the various favorites and least favorites. It appears that with the exception of the Italians and the Dutch, nearly everyone else aligned behind a somewhat pastoral scene a-la-Hudson River School.

Least wanted paintings in all nations, with the same two exceptions of Holland and Italy, were generally geometric abstractions in nature.

This is the least wanted kind of painting in the USA. And below is the most wanted painting in the US... yep that's George Washington in the middle.

America's Most Wanted Painting

Before you roll your eyes, here's the Chinese equivalent, and yep that a portrait of Mao on the right of the painting. And the Russians seem to have put some sort of a Christ figure in their favorite painting.

However, this "painting by survey," like anything done by committee, rarely actually yields a final product that anyone actually likes, and I suspect that few people (in any nation) would actually hang the finished banal painting(s) in their homes.