Friday, October 15, 2010

Opportunity for Artists

Deadline: November 12, 2010

Gallery West in Old Town Alexandria has a call for artists for their 14th Annual National Juried Show (Exhibit Dates: February 9–March 6, 2011).

The all media show will be juried by yours truly and awards to total $1,000. Click here to download the prospectus.

Easton and Cambridge

I'll be in Easton and also in Cambridge, Maryland this weekend, relaxing with the family and checking out some of the local art spots and galleries. Too bad I wasn't there on a Wednesday, otherwise I could have hung around the Wednesday Morning Artists:

Wednesday Morning Artists is a diverse group of local artists with a common desire to engage our community in experiencing the arts while cultivating the growing artist community in Cambridge, Maryland and surrounding areas.
Is that cool or what?

More later from Cambridge and Easton.

Another artist complaint against Klaudia Marr Gallery

Steven Kenny is an artist whose works are well-known to me; he's a former prizewinner at one of the Fraser Gallery's former competitions at the original Fraser location in Georgetown. He writes:

You can add my name to the list of artists who have been robbed by Klaudia Marr. In October of 2009 she returned my paintings to me after moving her gallery to a new location. One painting was missing and it took her a month to reveal that it had been sold although she claimed not to know when or to whom. She admits to owing me $2,475.00 but has continually claimed to be unable to make any payments.

After I learned of my undisclosed sale I decided to see how widespread the situation was. It seems I am one of the lucky ones. I contacted 10 artists who were represented by Klaudia Marr Gallery and five replied that they were owed money.

Steven Kenny