Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What the flag?

Today the WaPo's Chief Art Critic reviews... ah... the flag.

And the blogsphere reacts; Bailey writes: "And so today the Washington Post’s chief art critic locks himself inside his 60s-era party pad, turns on his lava lamp, raises the volume on his scratchy Hendrix album, fires up his liberal hippie bong and connects the stars and bars for us to American art." Read the whole post here.

And Snarky Bastards writes: "Now Gopnik is not an ignorant man. In other parts of the piece, he mentions, by name, the Union Jack. But in this graph, he treats our red, white, and blue color scheme as something outlandish, created ex nihilo by madmen." Read the whole post here.

Ashe Tori simply says: "Don't wear the flag. It'll make you look fat." Read her post here.

Update: Others chime in:

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Over at ArtDC, MOCA's David Quammen defends MOCA DC, which has apparently been accused by someone of being a vanity space.

Read it here.

Art Teacher to be Fired Over Nude Photos

Of herself.

Austin ISD wants to fire an Austin High School teacher over nude photos posted on the Internet.

The AISD school board Monday unanimously decided to begin the termination process for Tamara Hoover, who teaches art. The board said Hoover violated the terms of her employment contract.

Hoover has been on paid administrative leave since May 19 after school officials found out about the images.

She defended her actions in a blog by saying that the pictures are not pornography but "artistic photography."
Full article here.