Monday, November 30, 2015

ABMB Week: Day before the VIP Opening

The key art fairs from the two dozen or so which make up Art Basel week in the Greater Miami area have theor VIP opening tomorrow... so for many galleries, including us, Monday is debarkation time and hanging time.

Thus the dance of the vans and trucks begins as parking space is sought for unloading operations; we get there early and find a Doris Day spot right across from Context Art Miami.

Soon afterwards artist Jodi Walsh shows up and she also finds a good parking spot. Jodi trekked from Texas, and with her husband Ron, will help man the booth.

A few hours later and many sheckels spent in parking fees, the booth looks like this:

Around 4PM exhaustion takes over and we all head our separate ways... during the day we've run into fellow DC area gallerists Adah Rose and Gabriella Rosso.

Back in Hollywood, the piggies get some Jacuzzi love...