Sunday, March 01, 2020

Nubes Lloronas

The owner of this 1978 painting from my Cuba series would like to sell it - send me a note if anyone is interested - otherwise it is heading to auction.

I did this piece in my sophomore year at the School of Art at the University of Washington in Seattle. The written words on the island say: "Cachita, si puedes tu con Dios hablar, preguntale si sabe como me duele el alma, al sentir las nubes llorar... Llenas todas de tristeza... cuando sobre mi pasan al viajar..."

"Cachita" is what Cubans call the Virgin of the Charity of El Cobre, the patron saint of Cuba.  It translates to: "Cachita, if you can talk to God, ask Him if He knows how my soul aches when I feel the clouds cry... All full of sadness... when they pass over me..."

"Nubes Lloronas" (Crying Clouds from the Cuba series) 27.5 x 37.25 inches, oil on board, c.1978
"Nubes Lloronas" (Crying Clouds)
27.5 x 37.25 inches, oil on board, c.1978