Thursday, August 24, 2006

USA Today

Maria Puente at USA Today has a story about artists who are selling their work through blogs and the Internet, and they profile Duane Kaiser.

Puente writes:

"...artist/bloggers such as Keiser are democratizing the art world, using the Internet to change the making and selling of art. Dealers and galleries, who command 50% commissions, no longer have exclusive control in defining who is emerging or successful.

Now artists can sell directly to consumers, using blogs or auction sites at prices more affordable to would-be collectors. The result: More people are making a living as artists, more people are buying art, and more art is selling at a wider spectrum of prices."
Sounds like another blow to art elitists, hey? (Did I sound Canadian?).

And here's my prediction: Sometime in the not too distant future, a major newspaper somewhere (not the WaPo or the WashTimes) will hire a freelance art critic whose job will be to write art reviews of online exhibitions and/or online artists. It may already be happening somewhere (someone let me know), but I wouldn't be surprised to see (for example) a newspaper such as the Washington City Paper start devoting a monthly column to review online art exhibitions or artists - in addition to their current coverage of museum and gallery shows (CP, call me).


Two things related to the Smithsonian.

First: At the Smithsonian Institution, they’re working to connect people interested in the art through their online newsletter, Smithsonian Focus. We probably share much of the same audience and I think that DC Art News readers might like to know about upcoming Smithsonian exhibits, events on the National Mall and beyond, exciting online exhibitions, and more. It’s a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in the arts, science, history, and the world around them. You can check it out here.

Second: A lot of online writing has been done about the Smithsonian, its condition, status, etc. Bailey has an opinion on the subject, and as usual it is... well Bailey. Read it here.