Saturday, May 11, 2013

Call for Photo and Video Submissions

HEMPHILL is pleased to present two projects by free[space]collective in the exhibition Artist-Citizen, Washington DC, on view June 5 through July 27, 2013. Artists Michael Dax Iacovone and Billy Friebele utilize the city and its residents as an essential tool for the creation of their work. The DC Photo Grid is an aggregated map of the city generated from user-submitted photographs, and the DC Crowd-Sourced Video Project offers a constantly looping portrait of the city as viewed by its inhabitants. We invite you to participate by submitting your photos and videos following the instructions below.

DC Photo Grid
The space of Washington DC is made up of government buildings, businesses, and domestic dwellings. What's left over is the public space of parks, streets, and sidewalks. This is a crowd sourced public archive of that free space.

The photo must be taken within the border of Washington DC.
The photo must be taken in outdoor public space.
You must locate the square mile the photo was taken in and indicate the mile along with the submission.
You must enter the date the photo was taken.
Click to SUBMIT a photo.

DC Crowd-Sourced Video Project
This evolving participatory video project will be exhibited at HEMPHILL for the Artist/Citizen exhibition in June and July of 2013. We will edit video submissions together, fading them on top of each other to create a time-based portrait of the city. The most recent submission will be edited into the looping video displayed in the gallery, replacing the oldest video on the loop.

Videos must be of public space in Washington, DC.
Please do not exceed 1 minute in duration.
Video can be submitted either by emailing a youtube or vimeo link to or you may send video to this email address using a file sharing site such as or
Click to SUBMIT a video.

free[space]collective Mission:
We see the city as an evolving system in a constant state of change. Each person’s experience within the changing city is different and valuable. We are interested in initiating dialog through encounters in public space and using art as a vehicle for community engagement and interaction. We believe in starting a conversation, and then setting it free to evolve with the input of the people who share those spaces.
1515 14th Street NW
Washington DC, 20005