Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nervous fish?

We often get together with my wife's family at Hinode Sushi in Rockville, a hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant in Rockville.

One of my nephews is very much into aquariums and pet fish, etc. and next to Hinode is a pet shop with a lot of fish to choose from... anyway, my nephew usually wonders into the pet shop, buys a fish, they put it in a plastic bag filled with water, and then my nephew walks back to Hinode, and eventually we all go our respective ways.

I've often wondered if the fish, elated to be "rescued" from the boredom of the tank in the pet shop, is all excited that someone has finally bought it, and is looking forward to a new place to swim... and then is walked into a sushi shop.

Does the fish think: "oh, oh... crap!"