Saturday, May 05, 2018

Modern Gothic: The Photographic Art of Jamie Mahon

If you are a fan of the erotic dark side of spectacularly beautiful women who in many cases transform themselves into unbelievably sensual (and dangerous)... and somewhat predatory examples of what happens when natural beauty descends (or climbs) into the realms of darkness...

Then this is the book for you! 

Had H P Lovecraft seen these photos, he would have understood the nuances behind some of these awe-inspiring models, all captured in brilliant dark glory by a very talented photographer.  These are not the historical Goths who destroyed the Roman Empire in the 400s and raided their way through Western Europe and settled in Spain, France and northern Italy to make up those modern nations.

These are today's Goths.

Mahon is a master of the set-up, of the light (ironic no??) and of the posture... I can almost hear him whispering to the clear-eye beauties in this book, trying to draw even more danger and darkness from the dark moistness that is their bodies and the harsh light that beams from their eyes. 

Mahon must be familiar with Robert Ervin Howard's "The Song of a Mad Minstrel", which can be (almost) heard being whispered behind some of these unique women:

There was never a king or priest to cheer me by word or look,
There was never a man or beast in the blood-black ways I took.
There were crimson gulfs unplumbed, there were black wings over a sea,
There were pits where mad things drummed, and foaming blasphemy.

There were vast ungodly tombs where slimy monsters dreamed;
There were clouds like blood-drenched plumes where unborn demons screamed.
There were ages dead to Time, and lands lost out of Space; 
There were adders in the slime, and a dim unholy Face.

Oh, the heart in my breast turned stone, and the brain froze in my skull--
But I won through, I alone, and poured my chalice full
Of horrors and dooms and spells, black buds and bitter roots--
From the hells beneath the hells, I bring you my deathly fruits.